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Joy to the World!

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Joy to the World!

How to replace stress with bliss.
Doris E. Cohen Ph.D.
Doris E. Cohen Ph.D. More by this author
Dec 23, 2011 at 09:00 AM

When we experience joy, we are instantly connected to the Divine and His unconditional love for each of us. It is pure joy that brings us healing, hope, and a stalwart inner faith that touches the core of our being. It is this feeling that each of us will be able to easily access at any time, any place when we practice The 4 Steps of Joy, inspired by my Angels and Spirit Guides.  It will help us access joy and make it readily available as if it were in a protected vial awaiting our use on command.

The 4 Steps of Joy technique is especially beneficial to those of us who have difficulty expressing emotions such as fear, anger, sadness or even delight. The labeling of emotions is similar to learning a new language. Being in touch with our feelings makes us more aware, more complete, and more conscious of ourselves and others.

Learning to access the feeling of joy brings an awakening to our spirit and our physiological being.

The 4 Steps of Joy

The 4 Steps of Joy are precise and specific. The first three steps are identical to The 7 Steps of Rebirth.

When you feel miserable…

Step 1 - Stop. Say “Stop” aloud or silently and visualize a red Stop Sign.

Step 2 - Breathe. Take one deep breath through the nose, hold it to a count of four or 4 seconds, and exhale through the mouth, the exhale always longer than the inhale. This creates the switch of going from being in the stress mode to a state of calm.

Step 3 – Acknowledge -“Whoops, there I go again!” It’s not my boss giving me a hard time, the world, my wife, whomever. It is my story and, therefore, I can change it.

Visualize a Nature Scene that you love, which includes all the senses, sounds, colors and vibrations.

Step 4 - Reconnect with Joy: Bring the nature scene you have developed into your awareness and experience a few moments of joy with all of your senses. By using a phrase or code such as “sunset on the lake”, “doe in the moonlight”, you instantaneously enter into this joyous experience. It is imperative that this experience relate strictly to nature.

The experience of joy is that brief exquisite moment without any expectations or demands. It is simply feeling it and having the association energetically with Divine love and compassion. That’s what nature is about. It is a continuous reminder of the grandeur of Divine creation. We get so lost in subways, cars, highways, laptops, and iPods. It would behoove us to take a walk every day and absorb the natural beauty that surrounds us, whether outside in nature or in our own imagination. The grandeur of nature is present everywhere, and it is breathtakingly uplifting at all times. It is God’s creation.

The way we learn, the way we transform, the way we grow, the way we live life is by repetition. Daily practice and repetition. Heal and Enjoy!

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Doris E. Cohen Ph.D.
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