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Keep Your Eye on the Goal

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Keep Your Eye on the Goal

Marcelle  Pick
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May 26, 2010 at 09:08 AM 0 comments

Congratulations to all of you who participated in our Core Balance Challenge! I was overjoyed to see that more than 3,000 of you decided to take our challenge. I’m so proud of you! Check out who won prizes HERE!

I know how fantastic it feels to shed extra pounds, to notice that your clothes are fitting differently and to have the energy you want to get through your day. I’ve heard amazing stories from so many of you—I hope that you’ll take a minute and congratulate yourself on staying motivated and committed to making changes in your life over these past weeks.

If you feel you’ve reached your goal—whether it is weight loss, a renewed vitality or a new sense of wellness, you may want to slowly reintroduce foods one at a time and see how you feel. It may help you to keep a food journal to keep track of how you react to each one. After you review your journal, then you can make choices about whether or not it’s worth it to you to continue eating these foods—it’s all up to you!

If you’re feeling better, but haven’t reached your weight loss goal, take the quizzes again. You may be surprised at how you score. All your hard work over the past few weeks will have set the stage for the next phase of your healing. Remember, every imbalance has its own food plan—one that’s designed to help you heal that imbalance and help you lose weight.

I recently heard from Linda, a teacher in her 40’s with three young children. She started on the Core Balance Diet several weeks ago. She told me she felt better on the Core Imbalance Plan. She wasn’t starving at dinner and was sleeping a bit better. But her scale was barely moving. After two weeks, she took the quizzes and scored very high on the Digestive Imbalance Quiz. Linda was hesitant at first to make the change. But when she did, it was a “Wow.” She told me that she felt better before the end of the first week – her energy level soared and her pants were loose! After just two weeks, Linda lost 8 pounds and found that she was waking in the morning—feeling refreshed and ready to exercise— something she hadn’t done in years. She was thrilled!

To keep yourself in balance, listen to your body! If you find that you are feeling stronger, now may be the time to introduce more physical activity into your life. Find something you love – it might be bike riding, mountain climbing, running or zumba – you won’t know it until you try it. You may also want to tune in more closely to your instinctual and emotional self. Writing, meditating or alternative therapies such as massage, Reiki or acupuncture may help you maintain total balance.  Explore…and be the healthiest you!

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