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Keeping It Short

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Keeping It Short

Hay House
Nov 20, 2009 at 01:30 AM 0 comments

I’d like to introduce you to Rebecca on our team. If you’ve ever watched the TV show M*A*S*H, Rebecca is our “Radar.” She’s a razor-sharp web project specialist who has a knack for finishing our sentences and getting what needs to be done well before it’s even conceptualized.

One of Rebecca’s many responsibilities is keeping our content corralled within a rigorous daily schedule. She is also instrumental in assuring that each bell rings and each whistle blows on cue throughout our technically and aesthetically amazing site.

Earlier this week, Rebecca gently reminded me about a lapse in the line-up of posts for my blog. If you write for any publications online or otherwise, you know how critical it is to submit material well in advance of the actual date your content goes live.

Now, even though I’m surrounded here with more empowering wisdom, inspiring books, and motivating material than most people, there are still days when I break out in a sweat when a deadline is closing in. Writing on demand each day is sheer bliss 98 percent of the time, but there’s the other 2 percent when my well of words is feeling a little parched.

Noticing that some of my earlier posts were running long, Rebecca eagerly suggested that if I wrote shorter pieces, I’d be able to produce more posts. Sounds good in principle. So how do I explain that “size does matter” when it comes to writing? Crafting an article within limits of any kind usually requires more refining, hence much more time.

But alas, to keep the machine running and Rebecca smiling this week, I am determined to keep this short. (Well, I tried!)

In honor of the 8th virtue (and certainly not a forte of mine!): Brevity, I would like to offer you this list of books that can fit in the palm of your hand in which your favorite authors present their amazing wisdom in the fewest number of words:

8 Small Books with Big Life Lessons:

  1. Power Thoughts (Louise Hay): Need a powerful thought in a hurry? This itty-bitty book is filled with Louise’s favorite affirmations for every area of your life.
  2. Everyday Wisdom (Wayne Dyer): Wayne is big on wisdom and it all fits in this pint-sized gift book of his most motivational quotes.
  3. 101 Ways to Jump-Start Your Intuition (John Holland): Flex your psychic muscles while on the go with mini-lessons on how to tap into your inner intuitive power.
  4. Squeeze the Day (Loretta LaRoche): Everyone else may seize the day, but multitaskers squeeze the juice out of it! This wee book of mind bytes is guaranteed to make you smile!
  5. Signs from Above (Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue): The angels are sending us signs and messages daily and you can find their meanings with this powerful petite book.
  6. Weight Loss for the Mind (Stuart Wilde): The title of this tiny tome of wisdom is enough to win you over. But it’s also brimming with philosophy to rock your world.
  7. The Dolphin (Sergio F. Bambaren): Awaken the dreamer in you with this short but sweet tale of destiny, courage, and hope.
  8. Feng Shui Dos & Taboos for Financial Success (Angi Ma Wong): This little gem is small enough for your pocket, at least until you begin to attract more wealth into your life and fill those pockets!

— Donna Abate

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