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Let Your Dreams Materialize!

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Let Your Dreams Materialize!

Create all you need with precise vision.
Sonia  Choquette
Sonia Choquette More by this author
Jan 17, 2010 at 09:00 AM

Divine Law states that any image held constant will materialize. To grasp this concept, simply look at the physical world. The chair you are sitting in, the floor under your feet, the roof over your head, and even the clothes on your back came into existence as a result of a long-held vision being made manifest.

You can, for example, place all the best building materials in the world in front of an empty lot, but without a picture of how the house should come together, the wood and nails will lie dormant, and there will be no creation. The same holds true for everything you desire, whether it is a home, a job, a relationship, an adventure, or even a connection with God. Unless you hold a clear and consistent conception of your desired result in your mind, it will not materialize.

Without a precise vision, you get swept up in confusing, generic descriptions, which reflect the lowest common denominator of creativity and produce in your own life the drama, despair, and disappointment of the mass mind.

Not only must you have a clear image of what you intend to manifest, you must be able to hold that vision steady. Only then does the subconscious mind get the representation impressed upon it deeply enough to begin drawing that experience toward you. If you were to follow a blueprint to build a house, for example, yet found that every time you referred to it the plans had changed, you would become confused and lost and not succeed in your intention. You would fail to create what you wanted because you did not have a specific design in mind. You may try to substitute words or even feelings to compensate for your lack of clarity, but it does not work. If anything, it adds to the chaos.

If you recall our metaphor of thought as the vehicle of creativity and emotion as the fuel, you can also imagine vision as the destination. Without this mental picture, you may start your engine, but it will tend to idle, going nowhere or in circles. Or, like a car with no particular destination on the highway of life, you will get swept up in the daily crush of traffic, which pulls you in directions you do not want to go or leads you to become lost.

Some people are natural visionaries and do create in pictures. My mom was one of them. Every idea or desire she had was expressed on a sketch pad, whether it was a dress, a photography studio, a family trip, or even a party. The minute she “saw” something in her mind’s eye, it would happen. That’s how the basement and laundry room of our house became a beautiful studio and darkroom; remnant fabrics were transformed into handsome outfits for all seven of her children; and her hearing loss became an invitation to tune inward and listen to her Higher Self, angels, and guides. When she envisioned something, we saw it, too—and so did the world, because her inner sight literally pulled her ideas out of the ether and placed them squarely in front of her.

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Sonia  Choquette
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