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Let Your Dreams Sing!

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Let Your Dreams Sing!

Your prosperity needs vocabulary.
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Mar 19, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Your choice of words can make or break your business, finances, and career. That’s why the old adage “You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought” is a time-honored truism. Positive words act as your business partner, mentor, and financial planner. Tamara Warden always dreamed of being a professional singer at weddings and nightclubs. When she was in school, she sang in choir and auditioned for solos. And then one of her best friends told her that her singing voice was “good, but not that good.” Already a vulnerable teenager following her father’s untimely death, Tamara’s confidence was shattered. She gave up singing.

A few years later, Tamara got a deck of my Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards. Each time she’d give herself a reading, she would draw the “Music for Manifesting” card. But Tamara would always tell herself, “There’s no way I can sing anymore,” or “I can’t sing; the cards must be wrong.”

The Music oracle card came to Tamara for four years before she took action. She saw that a local nightclub was holding a karaoke competition and decided to give it a try. She sang her heart out, won fifth place out of 20 singers, and felt wonderful!

But the real prize was a heartfelt compliment from one of the other singers, who told Tamara that she had talent. The lady invited her to perform at a local music association, which led to Tamara gaining more confidence.

Now she’s paid to sing at weddings, just like she’d always dreamed of! Tamara has even started her own karaoke business at the nightclub where she first returned to singing. She now encourages singers there to believe in themselves and to say, “I can do this!”

Tamara told me, “The power of positive thoughts has taught me to believe in myself and not to let negative thoughts or people crowd my mind. I am a good person, I do have talent, and I am worthwhile!”

Tamara also shared that when she sings, she invites archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel to be with her to keep her thoughts and music filled with positive blessings.

One positive word can change your life for the better, as a woman named Jessica Nadeau discovered.

Jessica’s life had been difficult for many years. She had one job after another, didn’t seem able to stay in college, and at 36 years old was still living at home with her mother. When Jessica couldn’t find a job after a year of looking, she became desperate for help.

That’s when she began the study of spirituality and meditation. She soon noticed that she frequently heard and saw the word benevolent, although she didn’t know its meaning. So Jessica consulted the dictionary, and she began to cry when she discovered its sweet definition: “marked by or disposed to doing good.” She felt waves of relief and grace through her body as she reread it.

She began using the word as a mantra, and also focused upon seeing the benevolence within everyone and everything.

Jessica says: “I’m now happy to report I’ve been given a second chance to redeem the life I was meant to live, with a new job that is flexible enough to allow me to pursue a college diploma in an area I’m truly passionate about! I’m filled with new and benevolent energy, and I know it will always be with me. This word has a positive effect on my life.”

In a similar way, the word grateful made a big difference for a woman named Donna Domoleczny, who works the lunch shift as a server at a steakhouse. For a long time, the restaurant would be empty, since people seemed to want their steak as an evening, rather than an afternoon, meal. So Donna and her co-worker would moan and complain about their lack of income from customer tips.

Then Donna learned about the Law of Attraction, and she suggested to her co-worker that they could play a game as an experiment. She said, “Let’s go around saying ‘I am grateful’ for every aspect of our work.” So she and her co-worker started declaring their gratitude for the obvious factors, such as their jobs, the free food they got to eat, and their friendship.

Then they declared out loud their gratitude for rolling silverware in napkins, stacking serving plates, and every other task involved with their jobs. They weren’t seriously feeling the gratitude, but just saying it jokingly. Nevertheless, the game made them laugh and shifted their moods upward.

The next day the restaurant was packed with customers, and they both made a lot of customer-tip money. Donna told me, “Gratitude really works! Sure, it’s easier to complain, but once you start saying you’re grateful, good things follow.”

Positive words are an investment that costs nothing, yet which yields very high dividends. Use only positive words to describe the global and local economy. Always affirm that your business, career, and finances are currently profitable and enjoyable. The use of positive words soon becomes a healthy, ingrained habit that ensures your financial health now and in the future.

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