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Life Purpose Predictions

A year of soul awakening.
Marcus  Mason
Marcus Mason More by this author
Feb 23, 2012 at 09:00 AM

Soul-Purpose Astrology explores the underlying psychological and spiritual tendencies inherent in any given moment. It can help us to see what is required for inner learning, adjusting our attitudes, resolving internal conflicts and embracing our fullest potentials.

In essence, 2012 brings a change of orientation in our relationship to the Universe; we are being required to turn our focus away from the desires of our personal egos, and to focus attention on living the inner purpose that arises from within our soul or essence. This is possibly the most challenging change that Humanity has undergone in its entire history. 2012 brings an awakening for the whole of Humanity, when everyone has the potential to discover their true inner purpose.

Here are some astrological insights about the challenges facing each zodiac sign, and opportunities for personal spiritual growth.


Aries (March 30 – April 19)

2012 is a wake-up call for Aries to go beyond its headstrong need for independence or willfulness. The challenge is to let go of material attachments or the need to “prove themselves.” Aries’ proof of self worth comes from acting with nobility and passion for the common good, training their energies on a sense of purpose, and acknowledging their innate leadership qualities.

Aries is learning alertness and readiness for the moment of action, but only when the prompting to act springs from inner knowing. This is the difference between conscious action and unconscious re-action. When Aries masters this, then all of their actions will have great power.

Key lessons: Think before you act, ask yourself “Will my actions benefit the greater whole?”

Leo (July 22/23 – August 22)

Leos love to ‘shine’ as the center of attention. 2012 challenges them to shine, not just for themselves but in service to the greater whole. This requires Leos using their radiance to attract others around them, and use their creativity to dramatic effect in the world around them.
Leos should realize that their creativity comes through them, drawn from the energy of the Sun. The Sun’s alignment with the Galactic Centre in 2012 will help to unleash Leo’s full creative potentials, when their ego surrenders to their spiritual self.

Key lessons: Leo’s purpose is to become firmly rooted, by surrounding themselves with their ‘spiritual family’, thus creating the best possible environment for their creativity to thrive. 

Sagittarius (November 21– December 21)

The changing energies heighten Sagittarians’ sensitivity, making them acutely aware of what is wrong in the world. They may feel an urge for escape, but the only true “escape” is to forge a deep relationship with their spiritual essence.

If Sagittarians get caught up battling against the wrongs of the world, they may end up exhausted. The more energy Sagittarians invest in “projecting” their fears onto outside situations, the more powerless they may feel. By understanding how their psychological Shadow projects inner conflicts onto the world, this can prevent them from just fighting shadows.

Key lessons: Sagittarians should step back into the quiet depths of their being, allowing the chaos outside to whirl like a hurricane around them, whilst they remain centered in the still eye of the storm.


Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Taureans are being required to let go of attachment to the values and comforts of the physical world, and listen to the voice of their intuition, to understand what true relationship with the Earth entails. 

2012 brings the realization that there are many dimensions beyond the physical level. This may be a gradual realization, or a sudden awakening. Taureans need to move beyond the fulfillment of the personal self, and ask what qualities they most need to give to the world.

Key lessons: Taureans have the opportunity to create beauty in all aspects of their lives. By infusing everything they create with loving intent, Taureans can bring transformation into their lives and the lives of others.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

For Virgos, 2012 requires letting go of beliefs about how things ‘should’ be. When they recognize that the world is actually unfolding perfectly, then as old beliefs and behaviors fall away, they will realize what needs to heal in themselves and in the world.

This means acknowledging the less than perfect aspects of their own Shadow. When Virgos do this, they move into Right Relationship with the Creative Source. By understanding how to become co-creators with the Universe, Virgos can “act on its behalf” to bring about positive change.

Key lessons: It is essential to ask “what is Right Action” in every situation…and then wait for the answer to filter through the mind, feelings and senses, to know how to respond appropriately. 

Capricorn (December 21– January 20)

Capricorn begins at Winter Solstice, the time of rebirth and renewal. In 2012 this is a time of cosmic rebirth, so it is crucial for Capricorns to listen to their inner voice now.

Capricorns are called to discover their service to others and the Earth. However they seek to be of service, it is essential to listen to their inner guidance, and create a good support network around them.  Their greatest challenges are overcoming resistance to creating emotional support, and learning to delegate power. Their greatest healing comes from letting go of control and trusting the judgment of others.

Key lessons: Capricorns can show us how to let go and surrender to inner knowing. Only through such humility, can Capricorns come into alignment with the power of the Universe; then all things become possible.


Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Geminis are challenged to let go of beliefs, underpinning old behavior patterns, which no longer serve them, and  to explore the deeper meanings of life that can only be felt by the heart.

Geminis are acutely aware of the constantly changing nature of the world around them, reveling in diversity, and having the freedom to ‘flit’ from one thing to another. Now they need to find an inner constancy of purpose.

Key lessons: Geminis require rhythm in their lives. They can find their ‘still point’, by letting their awareness ‘drop down’ from the mind to the heart, trusting that their heart will know what is right.

Libra (September  22– October 23)

Librans are challenged to come down to Earth. While remaining in the lofty heights gives them an overview of life, these perceptions have little value unless they come back to earth and apply them towards something useful for themselves and others. 

Their greatest potential lies in a healthy attitude of service to others. True service does not mean doing what pleases others, but responding appropriately to the needs of each situation.

Key lessons: In serving others, Librans should remember to include their own needs, overcoming a tendency to under-value themselves. This requires honesty about how well they feel valued and appreciated. 

Aquarius (January 20 – February 19)

Aquarians are required to let go of the structures of the past and learn to live in a world of increasing uncertainties. New discoveries about the nature of reality challenge Aquarians need to let go of limited perceptions of what is real, and move beyond their comfort zones and habitual ways of thinking.

They need to find a stable perspective on the world, and new ways of solving problems, based on their ideals of brotherhood / sisterhood, and compassion toward all beings.

Key lessons: Negotiating these changes means living fully present in each moment, and realizing that we have all of the resources necessary for responding to the changing demands of the time.


Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancerians like to know where they belong in relation to family, tribe or nation. As ancient boundaries dissolve, they realize that being in Right Relationship extends towards the whole Human family. Remembering that everyone is our brother or sister, has a profound influence on how we behave towards them.

By changing our emotional responses, we will observe that the world changes too. Cancer’s service to the world is to change their emotional response patterns, by being fully awake in each moment. 

Key lessons: By living fully from the heart, Cancerians have the opportunity to restructure their beliefs; the ripples of this will be felt by all, and so they will restructure their world.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

At the 2012 Solstice Saturn is in Scorpio, the sign most willing to accept the darker aspects of the human psyche. Scorpios learn that if they do not confront their inner Shadow (Saturn), then it eats away at the soul. When they dare to confront their inner darkness, they will discover a wealth of creativity locked within.

Scorpios hold the key to healing collective grief over our loss of spiritual connection with the Earth and Cosmos. Healing begins by acknowledging this grief and fear, for hidden behind those feelings lies inner gold. 

Key lessons: For Scorpios, Right Relationship depends upon honest communication of their deepest feelings. While this may be disturbing to others, it is necessary to remain alert and awaken others to what is going on around them.

Pisces (February 19– March 21)

For Pisceans, 2012 is about the paradox of how to embrace their relationship with humanity as a whole, whilst retaining a strong sense of individual identity. Pisceans’ sensitivity to the world around them means that it is often easier just to go with the prevailing flow of feeling.
Staying in Right Relationship with the world is like a small fish, negotiating and adapting to the vast, changing currents of the times. It requires understanding the individual needs of each soul, while honoring personal sensitivities.

Key lessons: Pisceans need a sense of boundaries, which can be difficult to master, as their boundaries change, according to circumstances. They will know when they are getting this right if they create circumstances that bring emotional, mental and spiritual nourishment.

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Marcus  Mason
Marcus Mason has practised and taught astrology for nearly 30 years. Over that time, he has developed his approach to 'Soul-Purpose Astrology', which he has taught in England, Ireland, Belgium and the USA. Marcus is also an acupuncturist, and applies Continue reading