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Listen to Your Heart

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Listen to Your Heart

Feel your Divine self within.
Sonia  Choquette
Sonia Choquette More by this author
Sep 09, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Discovering your Spirit is tremendously exciting and liberating. And yet, to simply hear about doing so isn’t the same thing. Friends can tell you all about their wonderful trip to Europe, for example, complete with a video documentary and souvenirs, but you won’t really discover Europe until you actually go there yourself.

The same holds true for the realm of Spirit. You won’t really know the power of your Spirit until you connect with it directly through meditation, mindful and conscious awareness of your negative ego patterns, conscious breathing to break out of those patterns, and the decision to tune in to your Spirit every day.

To genuinely discover your Spirit, stop talking, stop reading, and start listening to your heart. Be silent long enough to feel your Divine self within. There is no other way to truly live.

Close your eyes, and calmly breathe in and out through your nose. Start with a sigh or two to help you relax. Tell yourself that you will no longer put aside the need to connect with your Spirit, your authentic self. Feel the power of your own Divine creative spark.

With your next breath, let all of your tension go and simply be for a moment or two, even longer if possible. Enjoy sitting and breathing deeply, empty of all thought, free of any agenda, and in the moment. Feel this vibration of being connected to Source. Notice how peaceful, content, and even energized you feel. This is the power of your Spirit, and it’s available to you at all times. It is the real you. Remember this.

Daily Practice: Be Silent

Take a few moments every day to sit in silence and turn your full awareness inward to connect with your Spirit. It can be a moment in the shower or just after parking your car. It can be as you wash your hands before dinner or while you wait for the train on your way home from work. It can be while folding laundry or watering your plants. These moments of silence can occur anytime and anyplace. The more you learn to tune in wherever you are, the easier it will become.

There’s no need to focus on any particular thing as you do so. Simply listen to your inner voice, much like you would listen to a person speaking to you on the phone. Just give that voice your full attention.  

It may take a moment or two for the mental chatter of your ego to quiet down so you can hear. Be patient because it will. Relax as you listen. Your Spirit has powerful guidance to offer, so give it your full attention at least for a few minutes. Be aware of any intuitive hits, bright ideas, flashes, or creative thoughts that may cross your mind. They will arise quickly and leave just as quickly, so it’s important to be aware of their subtlety. You may hear them in your mind; or you might feel, sense, see, or simply notice them. Or all of the above!

Get used to noticing these subtle flashes of insight and intuition, in whatever guise they appear. One effective way to do so is to speak them out loud as they appear in your mind so that you capture them before they slip away. Once you vocalize your heart-centered awareness, you don’t have to do anything else. Just feel your feelings, letting them sink in. Allow them to visit you without chasing them away or having to justify themselves. Simply get the feel for your Spirit and how it communicates with you.

Spirit can be best felt in silence. If you pay close attention, you can actually distinguish the feeling of intuition and Spirit from that of your ego-based intelligence. Spirit leaves you feeling expanded, peaceful, surprised, and inspired; you’re left with an open heart and mind. Ego, on the other hand, leaves you feeling tense and contracted; you’re left with a closed or defensive heart and mind.

The more you practice sitting in silence for a few short moments, the more quickly you can intercept these often highly subtle outreaches from your Spirit. When silent, you feel the inner vibration of Spirit in your heart. It’s warm yet powerful; strong yet kind. It is direct, always unconditionally loving. The more you feel it, the more you will recognize it, and the more you will be moved by it.

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Sonia  Choquette
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