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Living by Grace

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Living by Grace

The power to serve others.
Kyle  Gray
Oct 05, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Have you ever felt called to help others? Do you feel drawn to living a life of service? Wish you could heal the world?

There is a spiritual energy that flows through us all; it encourages us to be there for our fellow brothers and sisters of this planet, it encourages us to serve. I call this energy “Grace.”

Grace is a divine quality of spirit. It has touched us all without needing to be aware; it has moved through us, it has melted the barriers around our heart.

Have you ever seen a child lost in the mall and helped him find his mother? This is grace. Think about a time you had a sudden urge to call a friend to find out they desperately needed a shoulder to cry on – this is grace too.

Grace is that moment you help someone get their child and buggy on the train or down a huge flight of stairs in a public place, it’s the moment you see someone drop $20 on the sidewalk and run after them to return it, it’s also that moment you close your eyes in prayer and pray for the world.

I believe the Angels that look over our beautiful planet encourage this divine quality within us all. The Angels look at us with the eyes of unconditional love. They hold no judgment upon us, they expect nothing from us, no matter if we’ve asked them for help or not – they fall in love with us for who we are, not what we’ve done, each and every single moment of our journey.

Most people who have discovered the unconditional love and support of the Angels want to share their miracles with everyone around them. They wish they could pass over what they’ve learned to others and I’m sure if that is you – it isn’t always the easiest to get someone to reach into your ideas and beliefs. This is where grace comes in.

Grace not only is a quality of spirit, it’s a universal & spiritual law. It is a simple few words you can add to your prayers that can have miraculous effect. The Angels and Universe work under the law of “free will” where they cannot push their support, guidance or abundance on anyone’s life unless they are welcomed and invited.

Even if you pray for someone hoping that the Universe & Angels can help him or her in their life at that moment – they may not be able to unless this person’s soul welcomes the help.

The Spiritual Law of Grace allows us to pray for others and situations of this world on their behalf. It means that we can send spiritual support, pray for miracles and healing for them and not receive any unexpected challenges or karma connected to the situation.

The Spiritual Law of Grace means “all for the highest good” it means when you are praying for someone or a situation of the world, you allow grace to interact with their soul or the energy of that space and if it truly deeply needs and accepts that help it will do it for them.

I’ll never forget the time I prayed under the law of grace during a private session with a client. I had this overwhelming feeling that the mother of the woman I was reading for was going through a challenging time. The angels showed me that the mother was out of the country and was supposed to be on a cruise. I then saw that she was on land instead and was experiencing the most intense heart palpitations and pains within my chest. Not wanting to cause fear or stress for my client at that time – I simply asked if her mother was out of the country and supposed to be on a cruise? She told me that I was correct – that the cruise was cancelled and they were given a holiday on a Spanish island instead. I told her that I had this overwhelming feeling she needed healing and support from the angels and insisted we sent out positive healing prayers. I took the hands of my client and said something similar to:

“Thank you Angels of divine healing for placing your hand’s upon (name of mother) support her at this time and guide her to safety under the law of grace and for the highest good! And so it is!”

I was amazed to receive an email later that evening telling me that her mother had been feeling unwell and turned out she had a small heart attack – she truly believed that the prayers of healing and grace had helped that whole situation, it is then I truly knew these words were miraculous.

Tips for using the law of grace:

  • You can use it for anything, anywhere and for anyone.
  • You don’t even need to ask for the person’s permission as their soul will do the deciding if they need the healing and support.
  • You can even use it for someone who’s facing financial difficulties.
  • It’s important never to say ‘please’ in your prayers but say ‘thank you’ instead.
  • Speak in the present moment and as if your prayer has already been fulfilled.

You can learn more about the Spiritual Law of Grace in Chapter 5 of my new book Angel Prayers: Harnessing the Help of Heaven to Create Miracles.

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