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Look Back To Look Ahead

What Have YOU Created in 2014?
Dr. Christiane Northrup
Dr. Christiane Northrup More by this author
Dec 16, 2014 at 11:45 AM 0 comments

I encourage you to spend time honoring your completions for 2014. It’s one of the best ways to get your inner light to glow. Take the time to turn inward, to give thanks for the good, and to let go of the rest. Take the time to harvest the wisdom of this year. It’s a powerful form of preventative health care.
Does this sound like you? The second you finish a task, you immediately look to the next project or item on your to-do list? Instead, you want to relish your completions, to recognize a sense of accomplishment deep in your being. Doing so will make your accomplishment a part of you at the deepest level. And every time you do, it sends a message to your brain and body, particularly the third chakra (your solar plexus), which strengthens your self-esteem and personal power.

Because your primitive nervous system, which was designed to protect you from saber tooth tigers, is more apt to be on high alert with the stressful lives we lead, you must give it a signal to rest and restore. So recognize your accomplishments! Otherwise you’re likely to experience a continual state of worry and fear that “you’ll never get it all done.” This sets the stage for all kinds of stress-related health conditions, including lowered immunity, excess stress hormones, and cellular inflammation. Let your body know the “fight” is over. And recognize all you’ve done.

I’m certain this contributes to the thyroid problems many women have as well. The fifth chakra, where the thyroid is, has to do with your relationship to time. If you feel like you’re constantly rushing and that you never have enough time, you remain in a chronic state of incompletion. One of the best ways to feel rest and relaxation is to remind yourself that you’ve already done a lot.

If you’re not digesting your successes, you may also notice that your surroundings are cluttered. In addition to a cluttered desk, there may even be cobwebs in your home or office! Because life is all about energy, anything that blocks the flow of energy, like clutter, will keep new people, things, finances, and experiences from flowing into your life. People who have trouble acknowledging success tend to accumulate stuff, leaving little room for anything good or new.  Letting go of stuff is good! The universe will move in to fill that void—often with richer blessings than ever. Plus taking care of stuff is a huge energy drain. Studies show that too much stuff actually makes us unhappy.

Before each new year, I write down my goals for the coming year and look at all the things I’ve been able to accomplish. It’s easy to do, just look through your calendar and emails. I’m always astonished by how much I complete during the year, even though I’ve done this exercise for many years.
Perhaps you can even locate a list of New Year’s resolutions. You may have completely forgotten where you were in your life or what you were hoping to accomplish in 2014. You may see that things didn’t always turn out how you hoped they would. But instead of just looking at what was left undone, try to see things with perspective.

As you know, what you pay attention expands. When you pay attention to what you’ve completed it sets the stage for you to receive more blessings and better health. So look back and truly feel the good from last year in your body. Then look to 2015 with excitement. It’s a new beginning, pregnant with of all kinds of potential. The Season of Light is upon us, a holy time for many of the world’s religions. And this year, we not only have the usual return of the light on the solstice (December 21st), that day is also a new moon in Capricorn. And so this marks the beginning of a whole new cycle of both the Sun and the Moon (symbolic of the masculine and feminine). On December 23rd, Saturn goes into Sagittarius. And this will help us feel our joy more profoundly! So make sure you plan to spend at least a little time each day doing what brings you joy!" Because it’s the darkest time of year outside (in the Northern Hemisphere), it’s the perfect time to encourage your inner light to shine brighter. What will you shine a light on? Start by making a list of all that you’ve accomplished in 2014. This is the perfect way to plant the seeds for brighter future.

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