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Looking for a Super Nanny?

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Looking for a Super Nanny?

This archangel can help you!
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Mar 17, 2012 at 10:00 AM

“Dear Archangel Metatron, please watch over my children and guide me as to the best way to help them develop and maintain their spiritual gifts.”

Archangel Metatron is a teacher of esoteric wisdom to children and adults. He seems to take a special interest in highly sensitive young people who are misunderstood or even medicated because their spiritual gifts make them socially awkward.

If you or your child need assistance in adjusting to socialization at school, work, or home, Metatron can help. As an example, Melanie Orders has two daughters who are very sensitive to energies, chemicals, and anything harsh. Ten-year-old Serene has difficulty being around loud noises or any form of anger or violence. Just seeing an image of war on television briefly caused her to have a sleepless night. Melanie and her husband hadn’t even realized that Serene had seen the violent image on TV, as it had only flashed on for a moment during channel changing when she was walking by. But when she couldn’t sleep and kept crying, the girl admitted the source of her distress: “Mommy, I can’t stop seeing the man on TV!”

So Melanie called upon Archangel Metatron, as the overseer of sensitive children, for help. As she closed her eyes, she saw a vision of a large angel standing in front of Serene. Metatron began soothing Serene’s thoughts and helping her release the violent image from her mind. Soon the girl said she felt better and was able to go to sleep by herself.

Melanie frequently calls upon Metatron to help with her children so that they’ll stay sensitive but still live in harmony with the present world’s sometimes-harsh energies. She and her husband are even more aware of their children’s sensitivities now, and no one in the household watches the news on television anymore.     

Melanie’s work with Archangel Metatron illustrates exactly his mission to help sensitive and psychic children get along in the material world.

Sometimes highly sensitive children are restless and suffer from insomnia. At 4 in the morning, Orietta Mammarella’s toddler Jasmina was restless and keeping her parents awake. She pulled on her daddy’s ears, sang songs, and played. Frustrated and tired, Orietta appealed to Archangel Metatron for help.

She heard “angel whispers” in her ear to indicate that Jasmina needed to go back into her own bed. Metatron counseled Orietta that the little girl was testing her parents’ boundaries. So Orietta put Jasmina in her bed and asked Metatron to please help everyone sleep comfortably well. And it worked! Jasmina slept until 9 a.m., letting the household have a wonderful opportunity to sleep in.

Orietta works with Metatron frequently now and refers to the archangel as the “Super Nanny.”

Archangel Metatron not only helps with parenting of acutely sensitive children, but he also aids in conception and pregnancy, as Claire Timmis discovered. Claire connects with Archangel Metatron whenever she’s near water. She perceives Metatron’s energy as a very high frequency, beyond what we can perceive with our human senses. To Claire, his energy is powerful yet gentle, and his guidance is firm and strong. She has noticed that most of the archangels offer love but then back away from giving guidance that could be perceived as controlling. Metatron, on the other hand—while not controlling—is very clear about his advice.

When Claire was showering one day, she had a vision of the archangel telling her that she’d soon conceive a gentle child. A few weeks later, she discovered she was pregnant. Her entire pregnancy was a profound spiritual experience, and she felt Metatron’s presence and support during every aspect of motherhood. Claire says, “Archangel Metatron helps me make the world a brighter place by my own actions and those I teach to my children.”

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