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Let the archangels guide you.
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Sep 27, 2010 at 10:00 AM

The archangels are very real, powerful, nondenominational angels who oversee the guardian angels. Think of them as the guardian angels’ managers. Archangels are messengers from the Creator to the created, who help us with every area of our lives. They protect us and guide us, bringing about peace on earth, one person at a time. Because they’re so powerful, archangels also motivate us to take action.

The archangels have no time or space restrictions, so they can simultaneously be with everyone who calls upon them. Archangels can have unique, personalized experiences and exchanges with all of us.

Each religious and spiritual path has its own doctrine concerning the archangels. My Archangel Oracle Card deck is based upon 15 archangels from Jewish, Cabalistic, Christian, Catholic, and Islamic ancient spiritual practices, texts, and beliefs. The cards feature their commonly used name, although some archangels are known by other names in varying paths.

Anyone can call upon an archangel. You needn’t say a formal invocation, have special education or religious training, or live a “perfect” life to elicit their attention. Just thinking an archangel’s name is enough to call one to your side. By using these oracle cards, you’ll get to know the archangels and develop a closer relationship with them, and you’ll learn the particular functions that each archangel fulfills. And when you hold the cards, you’ll automatically invoke their presence in your life.

The archangels are happy to help you with everyday life concerns. Since they’re unlimited beings, you needn’t worry that you’re pulling an archangel away from more pressing issues. The archangels work in concert with your guardian angels to effect healings, guidance and miracles.

There are many ways to conduct an archangel reading using my Archangel Oracle Cards. You can’t make a mistake. Even a beginner can conduct wonderful and accurate readings. I’ve also infused these oracle cards with intentions and blessings to support the accuracy and healing effects of your readings.

Every card you draw is significant. You may not understand a particular card’s relevance until time has passed, so keep an open mind and pay attention to your intuition, thoughts, and feelings while conducting readings. Trust those impressions, and say them aloud when you’re conducting a reading for another person. 

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