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Lose Weight and Feel Great!

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Lose Weight and Feel Great!

Marcelle  Pick
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Mar 31, 2010 at 09:00 AM 0 comments

Congratulations to those of you who have already signed up to participate in The Core Balance 6–Week Challenge! You’re on your way to losing weight and feeling great!  If you haven’t signed up yet – it’s not too late! Join Today

After working with many women in my practice, I’ve learned that lasting weight loss is a very individual process. I’ve talked with so many women who have a tremendous desire to lose weight and they’ve been on every diet program around – but nothing seems to work or keep working. The Core Balance Diet helps you determine a plan which will work for you – one that addresses an imbalance in your body right now. I’ve made it really easy – there are menu plans and easy to follow recipes.

I’d like to share a wonderful letter with you:

“I am writing to thank you for your CORE BALANCE diet. First of all I should tell you my short history. I am a physical therapist, certified Pilates instructor and have authored 2 fitness books. I have worked with women in fitness for 25 years. I hear all their stories and frustrations on weight loss and diet.

For the past 4 years I have gradually put on 20 pounds. I know about calories, I know about exercise. I practiced cardiac rehab for 10 years. DIET I know. But I could not figure out what my problem was. I saw an endocrinologist, a dietician, ob/gyn, my trainer, went to Weight Watchers and so on . . . and no one could explain to me what was going on.

AND I could not lose weight. I just kept losing and gaining the same five pounds. All I kept hearing is that you are in perimenopause ( I am 47) and this is normal. Just eat less and exercise more. I knew in my heart that this was wrong.  I know my body.

I had been following your Website for a few years and finally saw your book. I read it and it described me to a T. I am now on Week 3 and have already lost ten pounds. I have not seen the scale move in four years. I feel great, too. Like I said, exercise is my life and my job. I teach four classes a week and also do my own fitness program in 4 days (Jazzercise, yoga, Pilates and biking). I knew the problem wasn’t my activity level. When they told me to exercise more, I was just more tired and did not lose any weight. I know now that I needed to back off a bit and let my adrenals heal – since I scored very high on that test.”    — Donna G.

Donna’s story is a great testimony to what I’ve come to know – in order to lose weight, the underlying issue of what’s causing the obstacle to weight loss must be addressed.  Once this obstacle is addressed and your body becomes balanced, weight loss will naturally follow. A well-functioning, well-balanced body will maintain a healthy weight!

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