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Louise Hay Shares Her DIY Bone Broth Facial Technique

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Louise Hay Shares Her DIY Bone Broth Facial Technique

Unexpected Beauty Benefits Of Bone Broth
Louise Hay
Louise Hay More by this author
Jan 04, 2016 at 09:45 AM

On my 80th birthday, Hay House threw a big party for me. That day, I announced to all of my employees, friends, and loved ones: “My 80s are going to be the best decade of my life so far!” And I used this affirmation all through my 80s. I am now 89 years old and as healthy as ever.  I wrote my new book, The Bone Broth Secret, with my good friend Heather Dane. In it I share some of the biggest secrets to my health, energy and vitality.

For me, health is as simple as getting my thoughts right with positive affirmations, and getting my food right by eating whole foods and bone broth. 

In a world that has been enticed by magic pills and fast food, bone broth may be dismissed as “just soup.” 

Bone broth and whole foods are not a one-time magic pill. They are a daily practice, like meditation and affirmations.

While other foods contain amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, bone broth has a unique way of delivering denatured collagen as well. You might think of your stockpot as a collagen-delivery device; a way to nourish the connective tissues that make up and support your body from head to toe, from bones to skin.

Bioavailable Collagen, aka the Big Deal

Collagen is one of the most studied proteins in science, and the most sought after in the beauty industry. Supplements, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, processed-food additives, lotions, and potions are made to support what is projected to be a $4.4 billion industry by the year 2020.

What if the collagen secret was right in front of us all along? What if a simple bowl of ‘soup’ were the whole-food, collagen-delivery device we’ve been looking for?

Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein. Collagen makes up bones, teeth, tendons, ligaments, joints, and cartilage; and is key for beautiful hair, skin, and nails. 

Why is this important? Healthy human bodies produce collagen up until age 40, and then production begins to decline. 

In addition to aging, stress and autoimmune conditions can adversely impact collagen production. When collagen declines or is defective, some common symptoms are loose, sagging, or wrinkled skin; sagging muscles; thin or dry hair and nails; and joint issues or brittle bones.

Since animal protein is the only food source of collagen (particularly the parts used to make bone broth, such as bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, and marrow), bone broth delivers a wonderful bioavailable source for the body. 

Whether you plan a full day of beauty or just take 20–30 minutes to pamper yourself, you will love my honey gelatin face mask that will leave your skin oh so smooth! It greatly nourishes your skin with its collagen-rich and moisturizing ingredients.

While your mask is working its magic, play some soft music, take a bath, do mirror work, or meditate. Of course, you might just want to put on your favorite music and dance around your bathroom—it’s a perfect time for a dance break! 

The DIY SKIN-SO-SMOOTH Honey Gelatin Face Mask 

This face mask is food for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and neutral bone broth is preferred for this recipe.

As with all skin masks, make sure you test some of this on your inner forearm before using it on your face. Every person’s body is different and while reactions are rare, they could happen.

Hands-on prep time: 5 minutes
Total prep time: 25 minutes
Yield: 2 applications

1 tsp. bone broth that has a nice, thick gel consistency. Neutral bone broth works best because it won’t have any additives to create a “soup-like” scent or other additives that could irritate skin. 

1 tsp. raw honey

— If you’re using bone broth: Mix chilled broth and honey thoroughly with a fork or whisk. You’ll have enough for 2 masks. Store extra in the refrigerator. 

Lightly coat your face with the mask, using your fingers, a clean makeup brush, or a soft, unused paintbrush. Avoid eye area and lips. Do your neck if you like as well.

Let sit on your face for 10–20 minutes or until dry.

Wash off thoroughly with warm water, and then use some toner (optional) and your favorite serum or moisturizer. Some people may use coconut oil or beef tallow on their skin as a natural moisturizer.

You can find over 100 recipes including the neutral bone broth used in this mask in my book, as well as research, how-tos, and tips to improve your digestion, energy and moods.


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