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Love from the Other Side

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Love from the Other Side

The all’s well signal from heaven.
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Jan 18, 2011 at 09:00 AM

“Are my departed loved ones okay?” is a question I hear continually. The reason people ask is simple: the fear that someone is in some sort of “hellish” place, literally or figuratively. Yet my readings find that nearly all deceased people are doing just fine, thank you. Their only discomfort has to do with you and me, especially if we’re grief stricken to the point of obsession or emotional paralysis. They’re going on with their lives, and they want us to do the same. If we hold back our spiritual progress or happiness due to grief, those who have passed on are held back in similar ways.

In fact, it’s safe to say that the only problem most people in Heaven have is . . . us! If we’d go on to live happy, productive lives, our deceased loved ones would sing and rejoice in jubilant celebration.

On the Other Side, spirits feel wonderful physically. All illness, injury, and disability disappear once the body is gone. The soul is intact and in perfect health. Everyone still feels like him- or herself, but without the heaviness and pain of earthly limitations.

In Heaven, souls feel wonderful emotionally, too. Gone are all of the financial and time constraints, and there are no more pressures or concerns (unless we’re inordinately desolate and pull our departed loved ones down emotionally). Someone in Heaven is free to manifest any situation or condition, such as world travel, a beautiful home, volunteer work, and time with family and friends (living and deceased).

I’m frequently asked, “But what if my departed loved ones are mad at me?” People worry that crossed-over friends and family members are angry with them because they:

  • Weren’t there for them toward the end, or at their last dying breath
  • Were involved in decisions to stop artificial life-support systems
  • Participate in lifestyle choices that they believe their deceased loved ones wouldn’t approve of
  • Fought with family members over inheritance issues
  • Could have “prevented” their loved ones’ deaths or were somehow to blame
  • Haven’t yet found, or brought to justice, whoever is seemingly responsible for a murder or accident
  • Had an argument with their loved ones shortly before they passed on

The fact is, though, that during all of my thousands of readings, I’ve never met a deceased person who was angry about any of the above matters. In Heaven, you release a lot of the concerns that weigh you down on Earth. You have better clarity about people’s true motivations, so your crossed-over loved ones have a deeper understanding of why you acted (or still do act) in certain ways. Instead of judging you, they view you with compassion. They only interfere with your behavior (such as addictions) if they see that your lifestyle is killing you or preventing you from fulfilling your life’s purpose.

And don’t worry that Grandpa is watching when you shower or make love. These souls aren’t voyeurs. In fact, there’s some evidence that spirit guides don’t see our physical selves on Earth; they perceive our energy and light bodies instead. So they simply understand our true thoughts and feelings during each circumstance.

Since spirit guides are aware of how you actually feel and think, there’s no need to hide your worries from them.

Let’s say that you have conflicted feelings over your father’s death. You’re angry because Dad’s incessant smoking and drinking contributed to his too-early demise. But you feel guilty, because you believe it’s “wrong” to be angry at a dead person, especially your father. Your dad knows just how you feel, because he’s able to read your mind and heart from his vantage point in Heaven.

Your deceased loved ones ask you to come clean with them—to have a heart-to-heart discussion about your unresolved anger, fear, guilt, and worry. You can have this conversation by writing a letter to the person who’s passed away, by thinking the thoughts you want to convey, or by speaking aloud.

You can communicate with your deceased friends and relatives anytime and anywhere. Their souls aren’t located at the cemetery; they’re free to travel throughout the universe. And don’t worry that you’re disturbing their peace. Everyone wants to heal unfinished business in relationships, whether they’re living or not, so your departed loved ones are just as eager and motivated when it comes to this discussion as you are.

I find that most people can feel the presence of departed loved ones. Every human body is sensitive to energies and intuitively translates these energies into meaningful knowledge. This is an innate survival skill that you—and every person—possess.

So if you sense the presence of Grandma Betty, trust this feeling! Your body knows its surroundings, and it delivers this information to your mind. If you accept your intuitive instincts, you’re well on your way to clearly communicating with all of Heaven.

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