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When will love blossom?
Mark  Husson
Mark Husson More by this author
Feb 04, 2012 at 09:00 AM

I'm so honored to present to you my very special edition of LoveScopes Horoscopes for February 2012 through the wonderful Website!

When I wrote LoveScopes: What Astrology Knows About You and the Ones You Love, I was hoping to offer a small bit of help to those of you that may feel confused or displaced in the ways of love. It was like I wanted my book to be that friend that you call when you just want to hear yourself talking about that special person but who surprises you with a bit of wisdom you weren't expecting. From your letters, LoveScopes did a little something extra, it offered YOU a slice of wisdom about yourself, giving you a little wiggle room so that you could actually stop self-blaming and start self-forgiving. And so it is my hope that these horoscopes act as a booster shot in the same way!

I've often wondered how Valentine’s Day got established during the reign of the Sun in Aquarius, the sign of visionary ideologies, instead of during the Scorpio season of passion, the Libra season of partnership or the Leo time of dramatic love. I suspect it has something to do with helping us elevate love beyond the realm of romantic lovers, kindergarten cupcake exchanges, teenage sweethearts, lusty twenty-somethings or old married folks. Seems like Valentine's Day is about including love in its more universal context.

Humanitarian Aquarius encourages each and every one to celebrate connection and love in our own unique and extraordinary way. This month we are blessed with a full lineup of cosmic lovemaking energies. Dreamy Neptune enters compassionate Pisces ushering in a 14-year pattern of healing, empathy and forgiveness. The February Full Moon is in dramatic Leo on the 7th and no one knows the depth and satisfactions of love better than the vital and confident lion! Venus the Goddess of Love moves into fiery Aries the same day rushing toward a date with eccentric Uranus which promises plenty of passion and fireworks in time for Valentine’s Day on the 14th. Thinking Mercury and the Sun both move into sensitive Pisces this month encouraging us all to be poets. Not the creative type? Think again. The New Moon in Pisces on the 21st promises completions and release from old patterns wiping the slate clean for new and exciting relationships to come.

This February has something for the lover in all of us. And this month, the lover in me gets to hug the lover in each of you and offer you this bit of astrological wisdom straight from my heart!

Lovescopes for February 2012


That new regime is going to pay off soon if you remain focused on your goal with unrelenting commitment! Surely you've heard all the hype – Mars the ruler of Aries is moving backwards and it's supposed to slow you down. Well, it doesn't quite work that way.  Determined Aries aren't to be slowed down. You’ll just redirect the energy. Some situations aren’t meant to last forever but instead of just walking away, become so good at what you do that others recognize your brilliance and are willing to court you away. 

You don't have time for game playing in the love department so use the Full Moon on the 7th to look your best arousing the animal appetites in those who are watching you—but are too shy to make a move. If you already have a mate, use this time to reignite the flame that brought you together in the first place.

Venus is entering Aries and promises to make you look good so take advantage of your edge by interviewing if you need a job or putting a little extra in your work if you need to keep your job or are lusting after a promotion.

By Valentine's Day, you'll be sizzling with the ability to make the ordinary seem extraordinary and it will seem like you have the world on a string. Keep on your happy face even though the end of the month may see you wanting to shut the door on the world for a while. If you follow your impeccable intuition, you'll have planted some amazing seeds for the spring.


By now you've heard the news!  Big, bold, and bawdy Jupiter is in your sign and all sorts of miracles are destined to fall from the sky. Well, I'm not saying this isn't going to happen, but really Taurus, is there anything you hate more than things falling on you?  Jupiter is certainly bringing opportunities your way but they are coming with a certain rhythm and pace; just the way you like them. Your ruler Venus is still in Pisces (through the 7th) making you a kind of Mush-head when it comes to others. You are easily manipulated and it would serve you well to steer clear of any commitments until your personal fog clears.
Now I'm not saying avoid relationships, I'm saying, avoid promising anything during this cycle because you're too close to the other person to be objective. That will change by the 15th of the month. Of course this means you have to be particularly strong on Valentine's Day!

Currently, Saturn is in the final stages of Libra and is likely helping you establish the last bit of boundaries you'll need to make this entire year sing with hope. If you find yourself hunkered down being particularly focused and serious, trust that this is a legitimate way to avoid the pitfalls of relational confusion brought on by someone else questioning your motives. 


Lucky Gemini is well supported in February being part of the trilogy of AIR in the sky. Saturn in Libra and Mercury in Aquarius, the other two mental air signs, are active this month giving your thoughts legitimacy and will honor you with articulate clarity. This is the month you get to soar at work with an almost detached bravado that makes everyone wonder what your secret is or maybe, just what you’re really up to!  Part of the magic can be credited to your ruling planet Mercury who happens to be in visionary and innovative Aquarius. This energy which connects with your Sun gives you that remarkable objectivity, allowing you to be the 'go-to' person. You know people can't resist knocking when the sign says Do Not Disturb. That's the beauty of this cycle for you - your usual couldn't care less attitude is actually your job security!

Love is in the air and a work romance could bloom quite suddenly. But be warned; don’t take it too seriously at first. The faster a romance develops and flowers, the more volatile it can be.  Be willing to step back and let it find its natural rhythm and balance.  Valentine's Day promises to be very romantic with some surprising elements that you may find delightful. Perhaps that would be the day to lose the don't care attitude and opt for acting just a little more invested. Good, very good things are coming for you and June will paint a deliciously different picture of things to come.


The happy Full Moon in Leo on the 7th brings an extraordinary boost to your pocketbook and to your self-esteem (which in Astrological terms are one and the same). This Leonine strength can help you shed your shell and bask in the adoration of others - Yes others are going to adore your happy mood and that irresistible sense of safety and security you exude.

Romances with teachers, professors or even fellow students are very possible.  You may decide to re-interpret any current commitments with the most liberal criteria. Your mantra should be GOOD JUDGMENT. It's important that you think about the long term implications of the things you do, especially this month. Mars moving backwards in your house of Communication may have you reviewing your choices during the next couple of months and possibly wanting to make different decisions come May. You will feel torn about your duties and responsibilities because someone will likely be presenting you with a teeny ultimatum. How you respond to this will set the tone of your immediate future.

Just remember that you can find a balance between your daily obligations at home and work. You can have what you want without a lot of sacrifice. Neptune and Jupiter are promising good things are being built for you without you having to make a lot of effort.  Even though you may not see the evidence, you will see the results very soon.

The New Moon on the 21st is in your sibling sign of Pisces and prepares you for the good news you've been waiting for. In the sign of Pisces with Mars in the opposite sign of Virgo, you are being cautioned to not react to the first news you hear. Pisces messages tend to be very symbolic, so give yourself time to grab the correct meaning of dreams and omens coming your way. With so much happening in your communication houses, it's important you remain conscious with all forms of communications. 


The month of February was meant for you, Leo. Your 7th house of relationships plays host to a party of planets suggesting you are going to be busy beating off flocks of admirers; oh but wait! You never turn away fans and admirers; you simply put them to work for you! Of course that's after you've helped them understand the meaning of life with your charm and wit that seems to come out of hiding when you're being paid such adoring attention.

Now that Jupiter is firmly planted in Taurus, you can expect your career to take a magic leap, the kind you have been hoping for. It means buckling down and really paying attention. The right nod to the right people can make all the difference in the world. It's a good idea to give appreciation where it's due and it will pay off handsomely.

The Full Moon on the 7th is in your sign – and my oh my – how it will make you shine! Children could figure strongly in your life so be sure to be a great role model even when you think no one is watching.  The New Moon is in your house of Money from Others (or sex but we know which one is most important to you) and it could very well be the next part of the puzzle you've been waiting for. Also, if you have been dealing with an ailing parent or family member, this cycle could grab your needed attention to assist with a different phase.


February is the time for the world to fall in love, to hold hands and skip down tree lined avenues and make love until the sun rises again - UNLESS you have a Sun in Virgo or have Virgo as your Rising sign. Although love and partnership are certainly important to you, right now your attention and focus are being pulled elsewhere.

The collection of planets in Aquarius this month activates your solar 6th house and puts you in the mindset of “cleaning things up”. Not just the Virgo kind of clean but an almost obsessive desire to start from the beginning and hit the “Reset” button.  Needless to say this is a great time to follow the urge to purge and focus on the things that burden you only long enough to release them!

The Full Moon on the 7th could pull you inward a bit as you take a look at your life in a symbolic way. Dreams will be active and certain things that happen during this cycle should be looked at symbolically and then used to understand a bigger picture!

Someone may find it easy to sweep you off your feet right around Valentine’s Day and that includes Car Sales People and others that may have an investment in you purchasing their product. Please give yourself at least 24 hours to make a big purchase or big commitment of any kind. You are particularly Vulnerable to the words and needs of others during this week-long cycle so be strong and willing to put the brakes on if you get the slightest inkling that something is amiss.

The New moon on the 21st is your dearest friend; finally freeing you from the feeling that your work will never end. This two week cycle will likely break the spell you’ve been in but don’t be surprised if that “break” is stimulated by an argument with someone close to you. Sometimes anger is the quickest way to snap us out of any illusions we’ve been experiencing!

This is a remarkable month for starting a diet regime, travel or anything that pampers you and your body.


You must love this Season Dearest Libras. The Sun highlights your solar house of romance and creativity making you eager to socialize and dramatize your life in the most fun ways. You may find the beginning of the month is filled with an edgy nervousness that may find you wanting to shake off the world and anything that feels like an anchor to you! You need to feel that you are free to fly if you want to, and the more pinned down you feel the more you’ll want to fly.

The Full moon on the 7th will activate your idealistic nature and you may be moved to take on a cause, even if that cause is a person!

Whatever urge you feel will be enhanced when your ruler Venus enters Aries that night. Gone are the days where you bit your tongue to be nice.  Just like that time when you told your colleague they were completely wrong and were totally under-qualified!  But your Libra style and sensibility had them genuinely thanking you for the feedback and clarity!  Now it’s no more Ms/Mr Nice, at least not for this month. Even around Valentine’s Day you’ll find that you don’t want to put on airs. You want to be real and you’ll want the people you are with to be real, too. This kind of authenticity is what Venus in Aries calls for but it’s also some of the fiery energy you need to keep your boundaries and move your agenda forward.


It’s your month to shine at work Scorpio as the Full Moon in Leo on the 7th floods your career house with inspiration and self expression. Although you are cautious by nature, being willing to reveal more of yourself, your ideas, and strategies will help you be seen in a positive light by co-workers and the people with power to promote you and your work. Resist the temptation to keep a low profile and risk a little self exposure. This is especially true after the 8th when Venus the planet of love and money settles into your solar sixth house of work and health. Even if it feels like a stretch, honor your passions and interests and let people in your work-life see your fire.

Love, too, looks promising in this universal month of valentine sweethearts. Expansive and lucky Jupiter in the sensual and grounded sign of Jupiter is firmly planted in your house of relationships and partnerships. Once again, being willing to open up and share yourself will most likely result in sexy partnerships. During February you may find friendships and business colleagues don’t provide the support and stimulation you are looking for, so it’s the perfect time for focusing on more intimate or important partnerships and alliances in your life.

A New Moon in Pisces on the 21st in alignment with your sign holds the promise of new romance and creativity. Let those creative and artistic juices flow! This could also be an indication of new projects being birthed or increased involvement with children in your life. Scorpio thrives on the process of transformation and is able to manifest big changes through creativity. Devote extra time this month to at least one of your creative or artistic passions.


The Sagittarian craving for travel, adventure and new experiences is highlighted this month when the Full Moon in sunny Leo on the 7th of the month brightens your solar house of journeys and higher consciousness.  Love goddess Venus moving into willful Aries on the same day sets up a magical pattern connecting all three of the signs in the Fire element including your own Sagittarius, Leo and Aries. Let the inspiration flow! This is the month of love and sweethearts and romance is very likely to come knocking at your door. However, potential lovers better be wearing trekking boots and be carrying a change of clothes because your heart is probably aching for adventures in new spheres of experience. You are looking for stimulation in new ideas, philosophies and maybe even exposure to new spiritual disciplines or foreign cultures. February energy is more about exploration than about commitments and settling down.

If you are not able to appease your desire for travel this month, you’ll find comfort and satisfaction in exploring new restaurants and cuisines as your ruling planet Jupiter is contentedly basking in sensual Taurus in your solar 6th house. Try something new or maybe even invite that special someone over for a gourmet meal you prepare yourself. Get out the ethnic cookbooks and let yourself go! Valentine’s Day or Mardi Gras on the 21st might be the perfect time to indulge!

The New Moon in Pisces on the 21st might open up new avenues of understanding and even forgiveness for family. If you have been trying to escape a difficult emotional situation, let the sensitiveness of this time help you get in touch with relationships that need to be healed and released.


Stable Capricorn goats may feel a bit unsettled this month with some energy that threatens to challenge some established belief systems and patterns. Retrograding Mars in your solar 9th house probably has you re-evaluating lots of ideas and long-held beliefs. But this is no news to you!  With transformational Pluto moving through your sign, you realize change is the name of the game.

A Full Moon in Leo on the 7th may incite your sexual appetite as well as your desire for constructive business partnerships with people who have money to fund your next great idea. In both arenas, you may have to be willing to compromise a bit and be patient. Your ruling planet Saturn – in Libra the sign of relationships – moves into a 5-month retrograde pattern this month, reminding you many partnerships and rewards in life are worth waiting for. Continue to do your homework and keep your goals clearly in mind. The New Moon in the supporting sign of Pisces on the 21st reminds you this is a time for designing and planning with the promise of manifestation later.

Love goddess Venus forges into warrior-like Aries on the 8th with energy that might seem a bit uncouth to the more traditional goat. As she meets up with radical Uranus, love may seem even more unpredictable than ever! However lucky Jupiter in your solar house of romance and creativity encourages you to lighten up a bit! Be a kid and open yourself to a little fun. Take a risk!


Hey Aquarius, Happy Birthday, this is your time for sure! Your ruling planet Uranus, currently stimulating your solar third house of communication has a date with destiny on the 9th when loving Venus arrives on the scene. Are you finding your talk and every day activities filled with love, love, love? Write a sonnet, speak about love, or record a love song. You’ve got it in you. Your communications are brilliant and on fire. Keep the creative flow going by giving it expression and resisting the urge to judge or criticize prematurely.

Energize your life (and scare your friends and family) with some radical and innovative ideas about love and relationships! The Full Moon in Leo shines full blast in your solar house of relationships and partnerships. Go for it! Declare your love and explore those opportunities knocking down your door.  Now may be the time to “fish or cut bait” as they say. Are you ready to let this relationship blossom or are you itching to start fresh?

With expansive Jupiter in your solar house of family and home you might find domestic responsibilities are consuming more of your time than usual, or perhaps you are eager to do some renovations. Loans or money from sources other than your usual job may be delayed or slow in arriving, but it doesn’t mean you can’t dream and make some plans. The New Moon in Pisces in your solar house of money might reveal some new and very different avenues for making money and attracting opportunities into your life. 


Your ruling planet Neptune makes a major move on the 3rd of February as it drifts into its home territory of Pisces. Aaaaahhhhh, order seems to be restored to the universe! This is a loooooooong pattern – through the middle of January 2026 – so deserves a little notice especially by those psychic sensitive Pisces souls who are kin to Neptune (and very possibly have more than a little Neptunian DNA running through their physical bodies!) But before you go running off with a mantra of “I’m nothing but spirit”, take note, at least for now. If you are reading this, you must still believe you live in a body. A body that needs your care and that craves attention and love.

In this seeming physical world Mars, half of the cosmic love team (the other soul mate being Venus) is retrograding in your 7th house of relationships. This may be turning some partnerships on their ear! Expect some reversals or delays when it comes to relationships and the solidification of commitments. The good news is the Full Moon in Leo on the 7th is highlighting your knowledge, skills and abilities and bringing your particular strengths to the forefront where others can see and appreciate them.

Venus’s entry into courageous Aries on the 7th stimulates a new appreciation for your ability to stand on your own two feet and go out after what you want. Believing in yourself and learning to rely on your own abilities and strengths beckons new opportunities for income.

The cosmic energy swims your way toward the middle of the month as thinking Mercury enters Pisces on the 13th, the Sun dives into the cosmic waters on the 18th, and a New Moon signaling new beginnings occurs on the 21st. Mind meets heart and intuition and it’s your time to shine. Look for ways to re-invent yourself by releasing the past and old habits in preparation for all new beginnings in the spring.

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Mark S. Husson is a man with a lifelong interest in the inner workings of the mind. Mark received his undergraduate degree in psychology and went on to receive his master's in counseling from West Virginia University. Mark's astrological classes and Continue reading