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 Intuition Meaning 

So, what is intuition, really?  Intuition is when you know something to be true, but you don’t know how you know.  In essence, the meaning of intuition is that it is a knowing that cannot be explained by fact or thought, but by a deep inner feeling.  So, the easiest way to understand intuition is to tap into what intuition feels like. 


Ever meet someone and immediately like them without knowing anything about them?  Ever have a gnawing feeling about a situation or person and you make an immediate decision only to find out later that you averted disaster?  That is your inner guide, your all-knowing soul source directing you, and your intuition at work. 

Intuition is seeing with the soul.”  - Dean Koontz

Your Third Eye is Not Blind

Think you don’t have an inner guide or intuitive sense?  John Holland, internationally renowned psychic medium and teacher, says, “We’re all equipped with an intricate and highly tuned inner guidance system, which we can regularly tap into using our intuitive abilities.” Although we receive messages in different ways, we all receive them, even if we are not tapping into them. Some of us feel things, while others see or hear them. It’s important to determine how you receive messages and work on strengthening that sense if you want to deepen your intuition. 

Holland describes three of the most common ways we receive intuitive guidance in his book,Power of the Soul: clear feeling (clairsentience), clear seeing (clairvoyance), and clear hearing (clairaudience).  Clairsentience is the most common and the one you have probably experienced. Have you ever walked into a room where a disagreement just occurred?  You, as a clairsentient, feel the tension immediately and sense the unpleasant and awkward energy circling the room.  This is your clairsentient intuitive ability at work. To learn more about clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance, see Doreen Virtue's article, "The 4 Clairs". Pay attention to how you receive messages, for that will be your innate intuitive ability and the easiest to develop. 

How to Use Your Intuition

The first step in living an intuitive life, according to Holland, is “to believe and know that you’re equipped with all the tools you need.”  He offers these specific steps to hear your soul speak:

  1. Create a special place just for you.  Whether it is a small corner in your bedroom, an outdoor area, or an entire room, create a space that is quiet, easy on the eyes, and calming.
  2. Meditate every day at the same time in your special place.  5 minutes is all you need.  This primes your mind, body and spirit and allows for a deeper connection with your inner source. 
  3. Keep a soul journal. In it, record your dreams, specifically, the images and emotions that you remember upon waking. Also write down any unexpected thoughts or impressions that seem outside of your day to day routine.

 Denise Linn recommends "to spiral into the sweetness of your being, when you get something right (i.e. When your intuition turns out to be spot on), note the feeling you get and remember that feeling. This feeling is how you know that your intuition is accurate. Also notice synchronicities, like the same number appearing over and over."

Tuning into Intuition: The Only Station that Plays What You Want

Take some time and listen to what your soul is saying and reap the benefits of getting in sync with your intuition:

  • Answer your own questions, from career choice to dating.  By tuning into your inner guidance system, you can stay in alignment with what is true and meaningful for you.
  • Avert unnecessary pain.  We often know how relationships and situations will turn out before they happen.  How often have you said, “I knew that would happen,” after the fact and wished you’d listened to those warning bells?
  • Allow acts of serendipity to enter by listening to your inner voice.  The next time you have a feeling about a particular person, place or opportunity, go with it and see what manifests!  But no dark alleys…nothing good ever happens in dark alleys. 
  • If you have a bad feeling or sense about something, pay close attention.  Not sure if it is intuition or fear holding you back?  Check out this great article about the difference between intuition and impulsivity by Joyce Hawkes, Ph.D.

Use your soul journal and jot down when you feel your intuition at work.  This will reinforce your awareness and strengthen your unique intuitive ability.  Start living an intuitive life today!

The only real valuable thing is intuition.”  - Albert Einstein


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