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Make Peace With Your Past Lives To Let Go Of Fear

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Make Peace With Your Past Lives To Let Go Of Fear

Accessing Your Akashic Records Can Help With Present Day Problems
Linda Howe
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Nov 23, 2015 at 01:00 PM

I have found the Akashic Records to be ideal for resolving ancient inner conflicts and releasing the trapped life force of countless incarnations. Long the province of saints and mystics, this infinite spiritual realm is now accessible to secular people in this New Age! Using my Pathway Prayer Process©, we can each consciously step into this dimension to examine our present-day dilemmas in the context of our entire existence across human lifetimes. It really puts everything in perspective!

Victimized In Prior Lifetimes

When I took this issue to my Records, I discovered that at the root was a fear of death. I honestly felt that if I was seen and known in the world, my life would be threatened. Honestly, this made no sense given my experiences in this lifetime, so I suspected that some very old ideas must be generating this point of view. I then asked about the origin and true nature of my difficulty. For a few moments, it felt like a cabinet above me had opened and unleashed an avalanche of boxes on my head! This allowed me to glimpse a number of times, places, and ways in which I’d been victimized in prior lifetimes.

The situations seemed familiar and oddly reassuring. I was tossed in dungeons for “dangerous” political views, into a fire-pit for failing to heal the wife of the chief, and off the side of a ship for practicing unusual rituals under a full moon. Though I use a visual vocabulary to describe these events, the knowing was more of a sense than an image. So, I had impressions of a series of lifetimes in which I’d been persecuted, martyred, and scarred for expressing my beliefs and, heaven knows, I prefer not to repeat those events! This was helpful but did not give me complete inner peace and freedom.

Worthy Of Love And Respect

I returned to my Records and discovered that, complicating matters, I had contempt for myself for being a victim and for my inability to find another way through those experiences. Then, it was if I sensed the scope of time through which human beings on every continent struggled with the effects of poverty, war, illness, famine—a seemingly endless wave of events.

The hardness in my heart toward myself and other victims softened as I recognized the heroic nature of people across history. And I felt within myself that I have been part of that history, and that my experiences of victimization were a legitimate part of the journey. Hopeful, I asked to see and know myself in the Light of the Akasha—and saw that I was still worthy of love and respect. From deep within, the question arose, “Can you love yourself even when you’ve been a victim?” And, in that moment, I shifted into compassion and appreciation for my imperfect self. Followed by a profound sigh of relief ushering me into a rich state of inner peace!   

Life As A Military Leader

For a time I enjoyed this harmonious inner connection, until I found myself irritated and anxious about my own reactivity to authoritarian figures. For some reason, still unknown to me, this style of leadership annoyed me and provoked a fearful response. Back to my Records, where I was being led to a new awareness in which I was the executioner—a glimpse of a sliver of life as a military leader, enforcing the laws of the Pope and his Church. My job was secure, with status and privileges that made life relatively easy for my family. Orders were issued from the top, instructing us to round up and eliminate troublemakers. I felt the threat of the “crazy ideas” of these rebels and considered it an honor to be able to make the town safe for my wife and children.

Letting Go Of Negative Judgment

And then it occurred to me that I had dedicated decades to fear and resentment of those exercising this level of power and authority. And, in a flash, I realized that when I was the executioner, I was doing what I believed to be best for everyone. There was no malice, and I began to know in a very real way that every action we take is the best idea we have at any given moment. Recognizing this blew my mind, leaving me no option but to relinquish my negative judgment and open myself to a newfound respect for the beliefs of others, even if I did not understand or agree.    

Making Peace With Myself

This completed my months-long exploration of this equation in my Records. Making peace with whom I have been in other times and places is the key to unleashing past life power. There is nothing to change. No “do-overs” necessary. What opens the floodgates to infinite inner peace is acceptance of self. What others do or don’t do is secondary. What I have done or failed to do is the precise point of power. Being willing to accept oneself “as is” releases centuries of stubborn old ideas and behavior—and unleashes the power of all time to find its way to you and me.

If you want to go deeper, read my books; the most recent being Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records: Taking Your Life from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary,  

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