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Manage Your Stress Better With These 5 Simple Steps

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Manage Your Stress Better With These 5 Simple Steps

Tips Based On The World Renowned Silva Method
Laura Silva
Laura Silva More by this author
Nov 16, 2015 at 12:45 PM

Every time you experience stress, you have a certain reaction to it, and that reaction to stress is pretty much based on how you think, believe and behave, as well as your attitudes and your values. All those different factors influence your reaction to stress. The main goal we want to achieve here is to convert the reaction to stress into a useful response.

  • Eustress is the useful type of stress that can motivate you, optimize your life, energize you and propel you forward.
  • Distress is the reaction to stress that overwhelms you, paralyzes you, and stifles your functioning and your thinking.


Exercise: Transform Stress Now

To make the most of this exercise recall a time when you felt really stressed. What comes to mind? Feel your body shifting internally and recognize where in your body you feel the first signs of stress setting in. Recognize if you are feeling anger or fear and if you can, identify what core experience is being triggered, whether it's abandonment, rejection, lack of control, helplessness or hopelessness.

1. Answer the following questions:

·    What am I really worried about?
·    What am I really afraid of?
·    Why does this make me angry?
·    What is the nature of this feeling?

2. Then separate yourself from that core experience and that younger, less resourceful you that doesn’t have the kind of skills and knowledge the adult you has.

3. Now ask:

·    How can I best handle the situation?

4.    Allow ideas, images, feelings and solutions to surface.

5.    And then concentrate on positive, solution images and feelings of achievement.

You will then create a solution image. If you can, make it an action image and add detail, color or describe it to yourself in detail. Once the solution image is created, step into the image and allow your body, brain and mind to become very familiar with how it feels to be calm, in control and resourcefully handling a stressful situation.

This is not always going to come easily to you. If you notice that you are not getting the results you were expecting, don’t just give up and write yourself off as a failure. Just because our expectations were not met doesn’t mean we failed; everything is an experience of some sort and learning to receive and adapt to feedback is a valuable skill to develop.

Feedback can be subtle, like when I notice that if I get too comfortable during some of the exercises, I have a tendency to get sleepy. Feeling sleepy can be feedback to try a different position, location, or time of day to practice the Silva exercises.

Feedback can also be confronting, like when you fall ill with the flu after having worked long hours for too many days, under a lot of stress over deadlines, getting very little sleep and eating a bunch of junk. Or like when you don’t really give it all you’ve got at work and then get passed up for a promotion.

As in life, if we gave up every time we got a piece of feedback, and we label that feedback as “bad,” we would not get very far.

What comes to mind are those times when you are driving down the highway. There are these ridges or small bumps on each side of the highway to tell you when you are veering off your path. These ridges are meant to keep you safe and on the right track. But, imagine if you lived your life like the feedback you received meant Failure? Every time you hit one of those little bumps and started to veer off path just a little, you would pull off the road and say, “That’s it, I can’t do it. I am a Failure." You wouldn’t get very far would you?

No. You see, those bumps are put on the side of the road to give you feedback. They are saying “Hey, hello?” You are wandering astray attention and get back on the path.

When you are thinking positively, thinking about your goals, or thinking about solutions, you will create more positivity, more action toward your goals, and more solutions instead of problems.

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