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May I Have This Dance?

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May I Have This Dance?

Louise Hay
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Nov 05, 2009 at 12:00 AM 0 comments

Hello Dear Ones,

No matter what age we are, we can always let go of a little more garbage and break a new barrier. Let me share a story about one of my memorable breakthroughs with you.

When I was in my mid-70s, I decided to do something I’d never done before because I was always afraid to. I decided to take up ballroom dancing. I’d wanted to dance since I was a child, but could never get up the courage. For many years I’d said, “In the next lifetime, I’ll be a dancer. It’s too late to do it now.” Talk about a negative affirmation!

Then one day, I passed a dance studio and their sign read, “We teach you to dance one step at a time.” And I thought, One step at a time; maybe I could do that. My next thought was, I’m going to live quite a few more years, why am I waiting for the next lifetime? And so a new era began for me.

The initial two months were absolute hell. I dreaded the first lesson, which took place on a Wednesday afternoon, but I knew I had to go through with it. I think I held my breath the entire time. Every little kid piece of baggage that I had left in me came up in my body—embarrassment, humiliation, and shame flooded through me. I couldn’t even find a positive affirmation to say about it.

One day, a teacher at the studio said, “Louise, I can just see the fear in your eyes. Where does it come from?” I couldn’t respond. Later that night when I really thought about it, I found that there was a part of me that was convinced I would be hit in the face if I did it “wrong.” That was a real revelation to me. The little kid inside of me was terrified of being slapped, and I was 76 years old at the time.

At the next lesson when I told the teacher my answer, her eyes filled with tears. That was the breakthrough for me. All those feelings began to subside, and I could concentrate on my steps. After that, I took three private lessons a week and four group lessons. And dancing has become such a fun pastime for me.

So my dears, if I can do it, so can you. It’s never too late to learn something new.
This week’s affirmation: I am opening new doors to life.



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