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Me and My Shadow

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Me and My Shadow

Hay House
Aug 19, 2009 at 11:15 PM 0 comments

“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.”

— Marie Curie


I took a copy of Debbie Ford’s new movie home with me the other night. I don’t usually have time to enjoy a full-length feature after work, but I needed to write something about it for one of our e-letters. I put The Shadow Effect DVD in my player and sat back into the couch with my dinner—ready to be entertained.

I began to watch startling news footage of terrorism, politicians gone bad, social injustices, and economic hardships. I heard staggering statistics about how 50 percent of the world is living on $2 a day. I saw Debbie tell us how she was in constant denial of her drug addiction until it almost killed her.

I noticed that my dinner wasn’t settling too well in my stomach. I was uncomfortable watching this film. I like my reality a little sugar-coated, thank you. This was not the “feel good” movie I thought it was going to be.

But shadows aren’t supposed to be fun, right? They manifest themselves as our deepest fears and our darkest secrets. They are the insecurities we hide so people will still believe we’re perfect. They are the childhood fears that escape when our feelings are hurt. They are the mean streaks that slip out when someone dances on our last nerve.

But before I could hit the stop button, The Shadow Effect left me with a message that I won’t soon forget. There is wisdom in every wound. There is an explanation behind every fear. There is a reason for every shadow. They help us to grow. They help us to be compassionate. They help us to forgive.

When Debbie looks back at her shadow, she says, “The part of me that I hated actually came bearing gifts. There is gold to be mined in every experience.”

I did make it through the entire film. And by the end, Debbie was right. The light did come through…a light that was so intense that I now believe it can make any of our shadows dance!

Our experiences will not always be sugar-coated and comfortable. But they get so much easier when we share them. That’s why there are movies like The Shadow Effect. That’s why there are publishing houses like Hay House. And that’s why there are Websites like

Wherever you are or wherever you have been, you have a place to go. You have a home, a refuge, a new neighborhood of friends where you can find comfort, take a needed break, learn new perspectives, share experiences, enjoy more laughter, take risks, and discover something new about yourself.

And we’ll even leave the door open…if your shadow decides to tag along.


Something I Didn’t Know…

One of the transforming moments in Debbie Ford’s life was when she was on stage participating in a leadership workshop and a woman from the back of the room yelled out: “You’re a bitch.” It turned out to be an exercise where Debbie found out that there was a jewel or a gift that we can all find in our shadows when we embrace them.


Best Line I Read Last Night:

“Shadows cannot see themselves in the mirror of the sun.”

— Eva Peron

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