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Meet Your Spirit Guides Team

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Meet Your Spirit Guides Team

James Van Praagh Explains How To Invite Spirit In
James  Van Praagh
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Oct 16, 2017 at 11:45 AM

As a medium, spiritual teacher, and bestselling author, I rely on my team every day for help, support, and inspiration, and you may be interested to know that NOT every member of “Team JVP” is a living human being! In addition to my partner Brian and the JVP staff, my personal guides from the Spirit realm are always near, helping me fulfill my mission on earth.

While I reference my guides frequently in my teaching and writing,  the idea to write an entire book on the subject didn’t occur to me until, at one of my workshops, a student asked me for spiritual tips to assist her in working through her problems. I gave her something even better – access to a group of divine helpers who would each play a different role in guiding her through life. The entire class was captivated by the idea, and although some students were already well acquainted with their guides, there were many who needed me to set up an introduction! As a spokesperson for the Spirit world, I have special insight to help people connect with their guides, and so after helping my students make the connection, I was inspired to spread the word even further. And thus, Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides was born.

In this passage from Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides, I describe the experience of two students who were able to connect with their guides – one visually and one through writing.

The Expression of Guides

In my workshops, I have students do an exercise to surrender their egos and allow a guide of theirs to come through, either visually or through writing. The process occurs when the guide enters a person’s auric atmosphere and blends with the soul aspects of the Higher Self. In these workshop settings, the guides do their best to present themselves as something we can understand.

A student named Toni shared her experience. “I picked up on a guide and instead of showing me a physical appearance, I felt the reason why we were working together. He telepathically told me that he was working with my ego-identity as Toni, that he wanted me to lighten up on myself. I asked questions telepathically, and he seemed to know what I was going to ask before I got the thought out, and he answered with complete compassion and kindness. He made me feel that any guilt and judgments I was feeling about myself were temporary and not real and that I had to learn to appreciate who I really was, not what other people thought of me. I knew that he was in my life so that I would appreciate my talents and abilities.”

Another student identified her guide as an Egyptian scribe who presented with a scroll of papyrus and stained fingers. She felt compelled to write the message down, which seemed apropos considering her guide’s earthly vocation. She read the scribe’s message to the other students.

“My dear one: Rise up into your power of being. The souls on Earth must understand their responsibility to cleanse and purify that which you call the mind. You are brave; for you freely take on the dense energetic thoughts of negativity, which is not in alignment with your true nature. The laws of the Universe are perfect but you exist in imperfection. The elements that you allow into your mind, whether they are of an unwell nature or of a healing vibration, they will come to pass.”

Through the years, I realize that the channeled wisdom of a guide is perfectly matched to the level of the channel’s awareness. It’s like TV commercials that are actually trying to sell you a TV by showing you how clear the picture is. The picture is only going to be as clear as the TV you’re watching it on.

I hope I’ve inspired you to tap into the wisdom of your own Spirit Guide Team! And in case you need a little extra encouragement, when you pre-order Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides, (which will be available on October 24th) you’ll also receive some extras to go along with this special book. Go here to check out the three gifts I’ve chosen for you, and stay tuned here and on my Facebook page for more wisdom, card readings and surprises from your Guides, and from me!


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