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Moon Sign Astrology Predictions For 2014

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Moon Sign Astrology Predictions For 2014

David Wells Gives Us a Glimpse of the Year Ahead
David  Wells
David Wells More by this author
Jan 22, 2014 at 09:00 AM

When astrology first became mainstream through newspapers and magazines, it was the convenience of sun signs that helped it along. The sun is in one sign for about a month giving us the twelve signs we all recognize. But the Moon shifts about once every two and half days making it harder to know where she is at the moment you were born, so there’s the first obstacle. Like all things in life, once you know how to find out you won’t forget it. It’s very easy now that we have the internet and computers; your date, place and time of birth will tell you what you need to know.  Find out your moon sign now using our site,

 The sun sign you have will show your personality traits—Aries can be in a bit of a hurry, Cancer loves to be at home—it shows our wants. As I explain in this moon sign video, the moon offers a glimpse at our emotional self.  She shows us our needs and for me it always offers a gentler understanding and helps me approach people on a far more sensitive level.  

 Working with moon signs offers a chance to talk about those needs and to help you achieve and use the full potential offered by the moon. Realizing why you react in certain situations means you can do more of it if you like it, or less because you’ve found the source, named it and called it out for release.

 In my book, Your Astrological Moon SignI combine your personal Sun and Moon signs, offering you a personality profile with 144 different combinations. Understanding your personal astrology will help you better understand your home life, your career and your love life, enabling you to make changes that suit your emotional nature better.  As a divination tool we can also use the moon to help predict our week or year ahead.

Here’s a brief look at what’s ahead for you in 2014:

Aries Moon

New love opportunities are hard fought; your warrior moon means business. 

Taurus Moon

Building new foundations could be literal; either way it’s about good luck with family and home.

Gemini Moon

A youthful approach may be needed to keep up with an exuberant love or social life.

Cancer Moon

Being the family leader may not be doing you any favors professionally; share that baton. 

Leo Moon

Jupiter embraces your moon from July; the more you trust your intuition the better.

Virgo Moon

Being accountable is noble, but be accountable for you and yours not all and sundry.

Libra Moon

Independence can work alongside commitment; it’s a question of rules and standing by them.

Scorpio Moon

Saturn continues to put pressure on the moon but all in the name of fulfilling contracts.

Sagittarius Moon

Love isn’t something you can plan for; it just happens and it’s happening a lot!

Capricorn Moon

Until July make the most of a greater understanding between you and someone close; work at it.

Aquarius Moon

Having too much to do isn’t an excuse; it’s poor planning so use your sharp mind to re-schedule.

Pisces Moon

Truth is a value you cannot go without in yourself and in others; use it as a guide. 

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David  Wells
David Wells is one of the UK's most popular psychics and astrolgers. He is one of the presenters of the UK Living TV's Most Haunted program and writes regularly for the national newspapers and magazines. Continue reading