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Mother of Invention

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Mother of Invention

The path from ego to essence.
Neale Donald Walsch
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May 07, 2011 at 10:00 AM

It is Mother’s Day weekend, and the Mother of Invention is offering a weekend presentation in Santa Barbara, California. (Barbara Marx Hubbard, of course, doesn’t call herself that; that is what I call her!) She is sharing everything she has come to understand about Conscious Evolution.

As the event organizers put it, it is “the first time you can ever tell it as a whole.” Instead of being a speaker at a conference or workshop, instead of planning events and writings books, Barbara was delivering her worldview to a community of people who could stay together long enough to discover what conscious evolution really is.

Barbara finds that idea amusing when she thinks about it now, because one year earlier, she had wondered if perhaps her work was finished. It’s true that in 1997, she had helped create the Association for Global New Thought as a co-founder; and in ’98, she’d developed what she called the “Emergence Process: The Shift from Ego to Essence” (recorded well in her book Emergence). But during a discussion for this book, she told me: “I thought that was going to be the end of it, the culmination of my work.

“I was a visionary and had expressed my vision in as many ways as I could. I was 68 years old, but I felt unfulfilled. It seemed I had achieved nothing of the ‘assignments’ I’d been given. I had this awful, nagging feeling of failure, of feeling behind, no matter what I did. Yet there was also something growing in me—something unnamed and still unknown. But I didn’t sense that it was ‘one more project’! No, it wasn’t something I had to ‘do.’ It was my Self, evolving.”

So now here she was, still carrying out her work but in a new way. She was focusing on her evolution. Still—ever the spiritual activist—she couldn’t help but try to find a way to assist others in doing the same work simultaneously. And that is why, on this weekend in May 1999, she is keeping a promise that she made the previous October during a talk for the Mind & Supermind series, to which many of Santa Barbara’s culturally creative and intellectually curious subscribe. She had spoken in that talk about the birthing and potential of humanity.

“My intuition,” Barbara said then, “is that humanity is not heading for self-development but for self-evolution. Something new is being born in us because we are born at the time of a macroshift in the planetary body itself. We are like cells in the body of a fetus born during the ninth month. We are experiencing ourselves evolving during a planetary birth. Our new functions and capacities are being turned on. They feel like the frustration and desire to do and be more. This is not only personal; it is also a planetary story, a global reality.”

The audience was enthusiastic, and as her presentation was ending, in an unplanned, spontaneous moment, Barbara asked: “What would happen if this whole community were to experience its own potential for conscious evolution?” That very night, 185 people signed up to discover the answer.

Within days of those sign-ups, a seed group formed and Barbara, who was then living in Marin, agreed to return to Santa Barbara on Mother’s Day to spend an entire weekend presenting the story of what she called Humanity Ascending. In the interim, she visited Santa Barbara frequently to work with the seed group.

“I felt a remarkable resonance,” she told me. “Each person seemed to be emerging in his or her own way. I shared the ideas about the coming of the Universal Human. My own experience was echoing back throughout the experience of others. I fell in love with everyone.”

From that group, a larger community emerged, and people began using what Barbara referred to as “the SYNCON Wheel” (later to become the core of the Synergy Engine) as a symbol. Folks created core groups, its members attracted by their own evolutionary impulse toward what they called the “Universal Human”—the co-creator of new worlds.

Barbara asked them if they would work together for a year or two to explore the new path of self and social evolution. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and the first conscious evolutionary community formed.

This was it, Barbara decided. It was her first real chance to place on the ground, in day-to-day environments and situations, elements of the message that had animated her life for decades.

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