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My Lunch with the Spirit of Robin Williams

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My Lunch with the Spirit of Robin Williams

Psychic Medium Susan Lander Shares Wisdom From The Spirit of Robin Williams
Susan Lander
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Jun 04, 2015 at 02:45 PM

I recently had lunch with a Medium friend of mine named Glenn Klausner. After chatting for a while, the subject of Robin Williams popped up—and so did the spirit of Robin Williams. And he wanted to be interviewed right then!

My book, Conversations with History: Inspiration, Reflections and Advice from History-Makers and Celebrities on the Other Side, came out last August. As a psychic medium, I channeled interviews with 22 celebrity spirits who were famous (or infamous) during their time on earth. Robin wanted to join these spirits who came back to share what they've learned since their passing, and to help us live our best lives now.

So I pulled out my notebook and several hours later, I had the interview. Robin was just as brilliant, warm and funny as he was while he was here on earth...but maybe a little wiser.

Here are some highlights of what his spirit shared:

                                                                                  Photo Credit: Peggy Sirota

It All Starts With the Heart

"People should listen to their hearts. But they ask their families, friends and therapists: Should I get married? Buy this house? Coffee or tea? Stay in your heart at all times, it's mandatory. It's always with you. Life is just a series of plays, and the heart is at the beginning and the end of the act. You know what you want. Go with the feel of your heart."

The Big Question

"The way I passed is irrelevant. I lived and I laughed and I cried a lot, too. I enjoyed my life and had fun. But I bought into an illusion, as people have been doing for centuries. Like The Parent Trap, I got caught up in "The Illusion Trap." I got caught up in my story and so did people around me—but that's so often the case when you're human. A pill doesn't fix things—the heart does. Like Bounty—the Quicker Picker Upper.

Feel good about your life. Say 'I am blessed' because you are. I had many wonderful years, so you can't say my life was a suicide and that's where I leave the conversation. I made people laugh. I loved the people in my life and had rich, full relationships with them. That was not a suicide. I left the earth, instead, with love."

The Past and The Present

"You can't stay stuck in history or you miss out. They'll show you the World Trade Center collapsing over and over on replay until someone says, 'no more.' You have a choice. Appreciate the now moments. Smile. When you're in your heart, you never need anyone to pacify it. It's nice to get appreciation, but you won't need it.

The point of history is—be yourself and don't repeat. Create something new that nobody created before. Maybe you're inspired by others, and that's okay. But we're all unique. If you play guitar, even if you play music by Jimi Hendrix, you'll never play it exactly like him. And that's a good thing."

The Best Things about Being On The Other Side

"You don't have to pay taxes. You don't need to get insurance. You're not sitting in traffic for hours on the LA freeway. You're not obligated to hang out with anyone. Anybody can have sex with anybody and it's not frowned upon. There aren't any wars. There's nobody telling you what to do or facacta [messing] with your head. You're back where you came from."

And Finally...

"What matters is that you're one with Source. You can never be away from the light. How do you get light in the womb—anybody got a match? Any electricity running through here so I can read a newspaper? You are of the light. Even people who choose to do things on earth with the absence of love or light are born of light.

Life is one long continuum...look, it's still going on! Being on earth is a gift and a blessing, not a curse. There are wonderful things to experience here and enjoy. And laugh, always laugh. You guys need some new currency. Look at money...why do all of these guys look so unhappy? President Bill Clinton, put him on money and he'd look happy! [Imitating Bill Clinton] 'How ya'll doin?' Jimmy Carter and Obama would be smiling. President Ford? Maybe not."


Susan Lander is offering workshops to help you communicate with spirits, including the spirits of those who were famous while they were here on earth! For more information, please see:

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