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Nature Thrills Me

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Nature Thrills Me

Louise Hay
Louise Hay More by this author
Oct 04, 2010 at 03:45 AM 0 comments

It’s autumn, one of my favorite times of the year. The trees are dressed in lush colors with many beautiful and vibrant leaves. Whenever I take a walk during these Fall months, I like to look up at the trees. They almost reach down, stretch their enormous branches around me and give me a hug of strength and endurance.

Here is a meditation you can say during this wonderful time of year:

Beauty is everywhere. Natural beauty shines forth from every little flower, from the patterns of reflected light on the surface of water, from the quiet strength of old trees. Nature thrills me; it renews and refreshes me. I find relaxation, enjoyment, and healing in the simplest things in life. As I look with love at nature, I find it easy to look with love at myself. I am part of nature; thus, I am beautiful in my own unique way. Wherever I look, I see beauty. Today I resonate with all the beauty in life.

Let’s affirm: Beauty arouses and heals me.   

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