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Need a Spirit Guide?

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Need a Spirit Guide?

Check your family tree!
Deborah  King
Deborah King More by this author
Jul 31, 2011 at 10:00 AM

All of us have beings on the inner planes who are waiting to help us obtain the answers we want or need. The guides and mentors in the invisible realms are specific to each individual’s personal beliefs and spiritual lineage. For some, a revered ancestor or power animal, such as an eagle or bear, may have the most significance. Others may orient to an enlightened person, living or deceased: one or more of the pantheon of Hindu or Tibetan deities; Buddha; or the energy of Jesus, referred to as the Christ light.

Connecting to your various guides will provide you with a great way to expand your power and access to information.

Connecting to Your Ancestral Guides

When we’re not aware of our guides, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist or have deserted us; we simply fail to recognize their presence. We all have relatives, some recent and some way back in our family tree, who are ready, willing, and able to give us help—all we have to do is ask them. There’s absolutely no reason to go it alone.

The following steps will help you connect to an ancestral guide who is there for you. Among the most common of these guides are deceased grandparents, but use your intuition in choosing your ancestor—it could be anyone in your family tree.

  1. When you go to bed at night, after you turn out the light and before you fall asleep, state (out loud or silently) your intention to connect to whatever ancestor is most available to you.
  2. Choose the person, whether or not you knew him or her personally, who resonates with you the most. Chances are, whoever first comes to your mind is the right one.
  3. Picture your ancestor in whatever form most appeals to you.
  4. Tell this individual that you want him or her to be there for you. Ask this spirit a specific question or for help with a particular problem. You may very well see this guide later in your dreams. 

Don’t discount what your dead relatives can do for you from the Other Side simply because they had an imperfect life. Who didn’t?! One of my guides is my grandfather, whom I was close to as a child, and he had all sorts of personal problems. He was a binge drinker and kept losing his job as a fireman, but somewhere along the way he must have cleaned up his act, perhaps during his last very painful and frightening illness.

All I know is that when he comes through to me now, he feels very . . . not “high up there,” but not in the darkness either. My grandfather seems interested in my welfare, ready and able to help. Somehow he straightened out his karma, and he is quite a strong guide for me in certain areas of my life. I call upon him when I’m lost, whether in the mountains hiking or on a freeway where I can’t find the correct exit. He was evidently really good with maps and compasses, because whenever I ask him for assistance he points me in the right direction.  

The information you’ll get from your guides is only as good as their connection to Source. For example, I’d ask my grandfather for help with a practical problem or a family issue, but I wouldn’t request his help to effect healing in others. That might very well be beyond his current level of consciousness. So chances are you will be using your deceased relatives and the people in your family lineage as guides for the practical things in your life.

In addition to ancestors, you can also access experts who have passed on. In Mystery School, I learned how to connect with deceased physicians, for instance, to do etheric template surgery. If you’re taking an exam or doing a project in a specific field of study, you can access the energy of a noted scholar who was prominent in that subject and ask for assistance.

These opportunities are always available to us. We are all connected at the level of the unified field. We in the West are probably the only culture in history that doesn’t know how to utilize the talents and willing assistance of those who have come before us.

Here is the main rule to remember with guides: they want to help, but they won’t unless they are specifically asked.

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Deborah  King
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