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Need Luck?

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Need Luck?

Believe in the impossible.
John  Holland
John Holland More by this author
Dec 16, 2009 at 09:00 AM

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have all the luck and good fortune? Have you wondered if there’s some secret or magic formula?

Let me enlighten you with the real truth. The force that works through your soul, determining what’s possible or impossible, the difference between success over failure, and above all who we are—is the power of your belief.

Some people believe in a higher power than themselves, just as there are some who believe in love and abundance, while others sadly believe they’re alone and believe they are only just meant to survive. Equally, there are some who just walk aimlessly upon this planet, accepting whatever comes their way, with no real sense of purpose. It’s not about luck. It’s about how and why you attract such conditions in your life.

By consciously believing and knowing that spirit is running through you here and now, and that you’re meant to live a happy abundant life, you’ll begin to experience your life the way you were meant to live it—as a soul.

Reach the Unreachable

Here’s an exercise to try:

I want you to focus on something that you feel is out of reach or that you thought could never happen. Could it be the perfect relationship you always wanted? Is it that idea to write a book that’s been a distant pipe dream? Maybe, it’s that dance class you felt you could never have the nerve to join?

Take a few minutes everyday to envision yourself in the scene as if you already have what you desire. Many people often build Vision Boards, with photos, images, and pictures cut out of magazines showing all the things that you want to attract in your life. By seeing these images everyday, it will help your soul and the Universe to work in partnership, by bringing to you what you aspire for and what’s for your highest good.

When I wanted to write my first book, I took the time everyday to see my book in my mind’s eye, and imagined it on the shelf of my local bookstore. Then I brought in the emotions and feelings of what that would feel like. Once I did that, a chain of synchronistic events began to happen from finding an agent, getting a proposal together, to securing a publisher. Try it—it might happen immediately or it may take a little time. I find that the more time and energy you put into manifesting your dream, the better the results.

Think It. See It. Feel It. Say It and Believe It. Then, you’ll Become It!

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John  Holland
John Holland is an internationally renowned psychic medium, spiritual teacher, author, and radio host. His public demonstrations provide audiences with a rare glimpse into the fascinating subject of mediumship, which he delivers in his own unique Continue reading