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Need to Sharpen Your Intuition?

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Need to Sharpen Your Intuition?

Here’s your first lesson.
Gordon  Smith
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Nov 27, 2012 at 09:00 AM

My new book, Intuitive Studies: A Complete Course in Mediumship was a joy to write, as it allowed me to share some of the exercises I had learned in my own development over the past 25 years with students who were at the beginning of their journey. I had found that people who were entering into the world of spiritual development and mediumship were often confused because they were trying to run before they could even stand when it came to this subject. And, it seemed that so many wanted to emulate the teacher rather than take the time to understand the very simplest disciplines that must be understood and practiced regularly before they even begin to take their first genuine step on the spiritual path.

I noticed the importance of giving all the students the same easy, yet well grounded practices as a foundation, such as the very first exercise: “Sitting in the Silence.” This is the first and most important of beginnings for the aspiring medium, for if we take time to master this, then all else can be accomplished with more clarity. The exercise itself is simple and is really an instruction of how to sit and breathe properly during meditation; how to quiet the upper, everyday thinking until we learn how to sense beneath our normal regular mind and feel the silence at the center of us. It is in this heightened state that we first begin to enter our own spiritual energy and this is why it is important to take time to get to know what we feel like at this spiritual level.

It is made clear in Intuitive Studies that until this skill is mastered, there is no point in trying to develop other skills as only confusion will follow. The teachings are there to encourage the student to develop patience and dedication as well as spiritual skills. Each exercise works in an order that means that when you have succeeded in one, you can progress on to the next. But, if you find that you cannot get the gist of the teaching then the confusion itself, is your instruction to keep practicing before trying to advance. “There is no purpose in trying to learn deep spiritual practices when you don’t understand the spirit of yourself.”

The element of slow practice is essential if we are to truly reach our spiritual potential as the rewards are in the development and steady unfolding of our higher, more spiritual nature. The journey for the student becomes their own personal classroom of spiritual lessons, and it is seen clearly in my new book, that the students who did best were those who managed to take their time and practice their exercises with deep dedication, rather than for glorified praise from the teacher.

For me, the joy of seeing my new students get the realization that there truly was a great spiritual force above them, guiding and trying to help them; this was an absolute pleasure. I do hope that readers see that the main focus of this book is to teach people that we are not alone in this world, that we all have the potential to reach out to the spirit guides who are with us and, that we can all help others to understand this, because it is the nature of spirit to grow and expand and as we are spirit, this is our birthright.

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Gordon  Smith
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