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Need Work or a New Career?

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Need Work or a New Career?

Try job hunting with the angels.
Doreen Virtue
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Jul 05, 2010 at 10:00 AM

We know that at times a job search situation brings you nervousness, and yet there is much reason for it to bring you great joy! We accompany you in your quest for true harmony. For that is our job, after all, and we swirl around you in happiness when you mix your happiness in and amongst our own. Let us find peace together in this world, in simple happenings that occur on a daily basis. You are the core of what is essential on this planet, as there is only one being after all. Together we undertake the holy job of creation, and that brings us to our topic at hand.

When you race and rush headlong into any job that seems to suit you, you run immediately into a wall within yourself. For where there is a race, there is also a hard finish. We want what you want for yourself: that is, gentleness and grace with a timelessness that transcends all earthly fears. So settle down within yourself and really hear our words on the deepest level. Let our love resound within you as we surround your energy aura with calming influences that slow the pulse of your body to the level of the sweet whisper of wafting wind.

You are essential to this world. You must hear this message in the very depths of your soul. There is no time to waste in getting started in assuming your rightful role, and yet when you rush headlong into side detours where certain jobs will take you, we wait patiently. Still, we know a greater joy is awaiting you elsewhere within you.

You believe that a well-fitted job for you is hard to find, yet we believe a match for you exists this very minute. There is no delay between assuming God’s plan and the creation of right opportunities for this plan’s fruition. Bow down within yourself and hear His loving voice, which now calls you into the service of His perfect plan. This grace which is inward, marks you as His humble servant, which to all who would hear these words, is a lofty position indeed. For all who would bow to His grace and assume His humble service will find themselves with joy aplenty.

There is no lack in His room, and all who dine at His table feast forever in His eyes. He who watches over you is in servitude to you, as well. This communing together is the essence of what your job is for: the eternal circling of love giving back and together with each one. Let the love flow through you now, and as it guides you like a silk thread upon the path, your opportunities become enriched with golden grace from others who beckon you to join Him in His humble servitude.

You see yourself with a calling, and you are exactly correct. You are called, indeed! And He who calls you beckons you further with gentle assurances that there is great reason for your gladness. Do not err by seeking for it outwardly; for it is within you even now. Your great job provides in many ways, and His light shines brightly within each one of us who turns to face the light bravely.

Humble servant of God, assume your partnership with those who roam the earth in search of His gentle grace. Your job lies not outwardly, but in assuming the hand of yourself who walks in costume as another brother or sister. For everyone you meet in every way is but a reflection of your own servitude. Serve Him well, and you will see His mask in the mirror within all whom you meet. Hide lowly from His grace, and you will see the face of fear within all others, just as you see it within yourself.

There is nothing to fear. Trust that we lead you to perfect positions that fulfill your heavenly tasks. Let the wrong doors close easily, and do not struggle to force them open.

You are eternally guided—know that with great certainty. For surely He who opens circumstances to you will lead you gently all throughout the way. You can attest to His greatness by holding His hand as He leads you across alleyways where you are blinded to the outcome. He who is wholly worthy of your trust will not betray you now or ever. As you feel your gratitude pulsate beneath your feet, let us assure you that it carries you like wings of Mercury to new vistas.

God will never leave you hungry or let you live with what is scarce. Count your blessings and watch them multiply in every way. Your right job is here for you now, and we will lead you there with your permission. Seek for joy, and we will follow not far behind you, urging you onward along the way. Recall always that you are very loved. The love is your job.


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