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Never Give Up On Your Dreams - Life Loves You

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Never Give Up On Your Dreams - Life Loves You

Artist Hollie Holden reveals how working on a new Hay House card deck helped her fulfill a life's ambition
Hollie Holden
Hollie Holden More by this author
Apr 26, 2016 at 03:30 AM

When I was sorting through a load of papers recently, I found an essay I wrote at I'm guessing about thirteen years of age. It was a report from 'Take your daughter to work day' and my dad had taken me into his record company. Here is the line that stuck out: "I really enjoyed visiting the album cover design department the most but I didn't spend much time there as I am not a very artistic or creative person so I wouldn't be able to work there."

I remember being told I wasn't getting the grades to continue art at school. I remember not being particularly gifted at drawing but adoring clay and wanting someone to help me find what I was good at.

But at some point I gave up and took in all those messages.

Hollie working on something creative - and possibly taking inspiration from the cat!

Silver lining moment: I now feel deeply passionate about the fact that everybody is creative. I absolutely know this to be true. We are just really susceptible to being talked out of it. But it can't go anywhere because it is who we are.

I know this because I've just finished working on a deck of cards that are about to be published. A real-life artistic project that I completely enjoyed and was able to do from the middle of my life.

I absolutely love card decks. They are my treasures – my friends. So when the book my husband Robert Holden co-authored with Louise Hay, Life Loves Youcame out and we began to talk about a sister project – an accompanying card deck - I was really excited. Louise and Robert spent many long hours talking, writing and reflecting as they created the book and the cards were to be a condensed version of the wisdom on its pages. To be used as an oracle or a daily guide.

There was something very natural about marrying my artwork with the card deck and so we sent a few of my images over with the accompanying affirmations and exercises.  Our editor came back with a ‘Go for it!’ and I began to weave the project into my daily moments. I looked for evidence of Life Loves Me in trees, under my feet, in leaves, in my children’s faces. And I found it – a lot of it – and married it effortlessly with the affirmations as I went along. 


When you shuffle through the cards, you will immediately see that, as usual, it was very much a Whole-Holden-Family project. Our son Christopher is meditating in one, and our daughter Bo is lying on the grass in our garden (clearly feeling that life loves her!) in another. Most were taken either in our kitchen, our garden, our favourite beaches or on the path to school. I managed to get a photograph of my most-favourite pair of silver boots in there too on a snowy walk one morning and feature a branch of my treasured childhood swinging tree.

I used my friends’ hands to hold messages and created all the artwork with good old-fashioned pencils and paint. And both our children have their artwork featured. You will also get a glimpse of my deep love of flowers as you flick through them. I ordered special bunches from our florist friend who delivered bunches of lilacs, waxflowers, anemones and exquisite lavender roses.


Here’s the real behind-the-scenes bit… What you won’t see of course is that behind the camera I was wearing pyjamas or yoga pants with my hair dragged into a bun most of the time. Usually there was a bit of tomato sauce stuck to me and a small human dangling off my hip. One time I even found a whole gingerbread man’s head down my cleavage at the end of a particularly long day. But that’s another story.

What I love about this – and why I am sharing this with you - is that these cards were born out of the thick of our family life, our daily moments, the messy beauty that is the school run, the cooking, the ‘normal’ everyday stuff. The moments when you could really do with a reminder that Life is looking out for you, like when you’re trying to park your car or nurse a sick child or finish your accounts. I went on the lookout for evidence of how loved we are in these moments and when I found them, I photographed them to match the words and they magically turned into this deck.


These cards are truly infused with our love and with our hope that, in those very human moments – in the messy beauty of your own daily life - when you feel the opposite of Life Loves You or when you simply need a lift, some perspective, or a reminder, you might get plugged back in a little (or a lot) to the love that holds you always. May you take the deep invitation they offer and remember to see yourself through the eyes of love as best you can as you go about your days.

From our kitchen table to yours, these cards come with all our love. (And a bit of pasta sauce and some cat fluff.)

Love from Hollie (& the whole gang of small humans and cats who follow me everywhere I go.)

Editor's Note: The Life Loves You cards are out now. Connect with Hollie on Facebook and keep up to date with all her latest blogs and projects.

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Hollie Holden
Hollie Holden is a London-based blogger and artist, who describes herself as a "Mother, Writer, Soul Student, Love Advocate & Truth Lover". Connect with Hollie on Facebook here:  Continue reading