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No More Stinking Thinking

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No More Stinking Thinking

Loretta LaRoche
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Sep 26, 2012 at 04:30 AM 0 comments

Thoughts are the foundation that helps to create our lives. When there is a myriad of distorted, negative and unrealistic ones, the foundation cracks and we end up feeling crazed and humorless. Much of the way we think is akin to a plane on autopilot. We forget that we can take the controls and navigate ourselves. It seems so much easier not to.

Years of conditioning have created our automatic responses. You’re in the parking lot looking for a space. You can’t seem to find one so you begin to assume that something is going on. You don’t know what it is, but why else would you be having so much trouble finding a spot? The more you ride around, the more frustrated you get. Since you’ve convinced yourself you will probably never be able to find a space, your only focus is to continue to not find one. Even if there is an open spot right in front of your eyes, you wouldn’t see it.

Let’s say you go to the movies and your intention is to make sure you find a seat with no one in front of you. Let’s face it, everyone is looking for the perfect seat.  A young couple with children sits in front of you and they all have big heads and lots of hair. You start thinking Oh no! Not again!

This always happens to me. I go to the movies and people with fat heads sit in front of me. In these situations, we could move if there are other seats, but sometimes we become so trapped by our distortions that we can’t focus on the solution. We would rather continue the drama by escalating the negativity. “Now my night is ruined.” “That’s it, I’m never going to the movies again.”
We lose total perspective and make announcements to enhance our inability to make rational choices. The chances that you will never go to another movie until the day you die is ludicrous.

Every once in awhile I get into this spiral of negativity—my stinking thinking—especially when I can’t find something. The other day I was looking for a pair of shoes, but only found one of them. I was convinced someone took it, but who could that be? I don’t think my partner Kenny is interested in wearing one black high heel!

I did finally find it under the bed, but not until I drove myself nuts.

Lighten Up Your Week:

This week, take the controls and pilot yourself to happier, stress-free thoughts.

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