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No Need for a Genie

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No Need for a Genie

It’s just 10 lbs!
Brad  Lamm
Jan 03, 2011 at 09:00 AM

You’re cleaning out your attic and you find a dusty lamp with a lid on the top. Although it looks to be about 1,000 years old, there’s a magical glow around it, an aura. You immediately recognize it for what it is: a genie’s lamp. Your heart pounds as you remove the lid, rub the lamp, and wait for something magical to occur. For a few seconds, nothing happens and you start peeking around from side to side, hoping no one has noticed the biggest fool in the world.

Just then, a huge cloud of smoke spews from the lamp, spitting out your own personal genie. He’s about 9 feet tall, smells like mothballs, and looks a lot like Mr. Clean. He is about to grant you three wishes.

A recent poll of genies revealed that everyone who is granted three wishes uses one for becoming thin. Wanting to be thinner is one of those givens, like the fact that we all want to win the lottery, look like Halle Berry, Cindy Crawford or George Clooney, and get a television set so enormous the neighbors can see what we’re watching. People who don’t want to better their bodies a tiny bit simply don’t exist. Rub. Poof. Wish. Voilà? If only.

I’m not your personal genie. I’m someone just like you. I used to have a food problem that sent my weight up and down so many times I could have passed for a seesaw. I can’t grant you three wishes, but making your dreams a reality is what I’m all about. I can help you discover how to weigh what you want, stop hating yourself every time a piece of candy or a chunk of chocolate crosses your lips, and be at peace with your body.

Welcome to the Just 10 Lbs. concept. The goals are simple:

  1. Lose 10 pounds in 30 days by following the 10 steps in the program. Each step tackles a different aspect of weight loss, from nutrition to spiritual support. Do the steps and losing weight will feel almost effortless, because it’s a way of living, not a way of losing (weight).
  2. Reclaim the power and emotions you’ve handed over to the food and renounce your food fight.
  3. Open up the emotional blockages that clutter your path to living your life to its glorious potential.
  4. Learn to eat normally and live at a healthy weight.
  5. Create a lifestyle that emphasizes the mind, body, emotions, relationships, and, most important, your spirit.

Just 10 Lbs. offers a sustainable approach to normalizing your weight and stopping destructive eating habits. It is built around restoring a positive, loving relationship with yourself—one of the most overlooked factors in weight management. It’s really a spiritual diet program.

You see, no matter why you overeat, I know that food is not your only problem. This statement may surprise you. But I’ve learned through my own experience and through my work as an interventionist, and dealing with clients with food issues, emotional problems, addictions, and other disorders, that losing weight is not just about dieting, doing push-ups, crunching out thousands of sit-ups, or running on a treadmill. It’s primarily about your relationship with yourself. Weighing what you want starts with you—the “you” between your ears more than the “you” under your clothes. If you’re stuck in a self-loathing mind-set, or your eating is out of control, then it’s very hard to do something good for yourself, or treat yourself well. Those three pounds of gray matter between your ears (that’s about what your brain weighs) represent the key!

So, why just 10 pounds? Many of us think big—way too big—when it comes to losing weight, working out, and eating better. Once we’re in major overhaul mode, we plot dramatic self-improvement campaigns with jumbo goals like losing 30, 50, or 100 pounds or more. The problem with such ambition, of course, is the potential for failure. Obsessing over a big loss can be overwhelming. And it may keep you from sticking to your weight-loss program. Let’s focus on just 10. It’s a winning strategy. And there are some pretty impressive health benefits by losing just 10 pounds.

In a large National Institutes of Health clinical trial called the Diabetes Prevention program, more than 3,000 overweight people with impaired glucose tolerance (a pre-diabetic condition) were randomly assigned to a placebo group, a drug group, or a lifestyle intervention group (with low-fat diet, 30 minutes of daily exercise, and behavior modification). On average, the intervention group lost 5 percent to 7 percent of their body weight (11 pounds to 15 pounds) and reduced their risk of type 2 diabetes by 58 percent, significantly more than those on oral medication.

In the second phase of a National Institutes of Health study called the Trials of Hypertension Prevention, overweight people were randomly assigned to weight-loss intervention. Those who lost as few as 10 pounds over six months—and kept it off for two years—experienced significant reductions in blood pressure and fewer subsequent diagnoses of high blood pressure than those who didn’t lose weight.

So, just 10 pounds? You may be rewarded with some big health payoffs!

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Brad  Lamm
Brad Lamm is the Founder and President of Intervention Specialists, a family education and crisis intervention group that helps family and friends get loved ones to accept help and begin lasting change. From the foundation of his work with va Continue reading