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Orbs 101 – What Do Orbs In Your Pictures Mean?

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Orbs 101 – What Do Orbs In Your Pictures Mean?

Orbs in Your Pictures Explained
Klaus  Heinemann Ph.D.
Klaus Heinemann Ph.D. More by this author
Jan 12, 2014 at 09:00 AM

What are Orbs? 
Millions of people have been noticing opaque circular features in their flash photographs taken with digital cameras and have wondered what they mean.

 By making use of digital photography, it appears that Spirit Beings have devised a means to provide irrefutable evidence of their existence.

 In the book I co-wrote with Gundi Heinemann titled, Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope  we report our rational and intuitive evaluation of a large number of orb pictures with regard to the specific messages that may be contained in them.

 After years of orb studies and consideration we have found common qualities of orbs such as high velocity, the ability to expand and contract in size extremely quickly, and a high degree of consciousness. They appear through an emanation into our physical reality.

6 Characteristics of Orbs

  1. Orbs are likely not spirit beings in and by themselves, but emanations from Spirit Beings.
  2. Orbs show up in digital photos and sometimes even in photos taken with conventional emulsion film cameras.
  3. Due to the technology involved, it takes extremely little physical energy for an orb to be recorded in a digital photograph.
  4. Orbs appear to take the minute amount of physical energy required for being recorded in digital images from the camera flash.
  5. To minimize the energetic requirement for being recorded by cameras, orbs focus their energy with laser-like accuracy into the camera rather than into other directions where there is no camera to capture them.
  6. Orbs respond to requests to appear in photographs and will generally not bother showing up in photos when they anticipate their presence will not be noticed. Therefore, it is reasonable for us to argue that there is intent behind their showing.

 Skeptics of Orbs

There are many critics who argue against the authenticity of orbs. They claim that they are merely reflections of airborne particles positioned in close vicinity of the camera’s lens. We believe that this explanation cannot be upheld for numerous reasons which we explain in our book, including an experiment where an orb was photographed under clean room conditions, where airborne particles of the size that could explain reflection effects could not have been present.

 Even if reflection at airborne particles were the origin of orbs, the mysticism about evidence of nonhuman thought would be undiminished. It would shift from the “miracle” of producing physical energy with means from another realm to the undiminished miracle of affecting the positioning and timing of numerous tiny airborne particles in a meaningful way that clearly defies the laws of statistics.

 Where Do Orbs Come From? 

 As we hypothesize on the evidence at hand, we can see that the orb process begins with the consciousness of a sentient being outside of this world and ends as physical evidence on the image of a recording device. In other words, an intentional energetic imprint from a reality outside of our physical reality is recorded inside our physical reality.

 Since it is our rationale that orbs are emanations from Spirit Beings, that means our reality does not end and our current perception of physics, i.e., the speed of light, or the most modern particle physics. It extends far beyond that, by many orders of magnitude, into a realm that, just as ours, encompasses sentient beings, most probably more intelligent beings then we find in our current physical reality.

 How Do Orbs Make Their Presence Known?

 Orbs can show up in digital photographs because they can generate minute energies not from their own energy reservoir in their own realm, but by simply converting them from physical energy that we nonchalantly offer to them when we take our flash digital photographs.

 What is magnificent about orbs is not how bright, how large, or how many you capture in one photo, but that they are there, and what that means to you. In our book, Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope, we report on rational and intuitive evaluation of a large number of orb photos with regards to the messages that may be contained in them. With the abundance of orbs being photographed all over the world, we are reminded that Spirit is with us, lovingly assisting us on our life path.



*Excerpted from Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope by Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D. & Gundi Heinemann. 

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Klaus  Heinemann Ph.D.
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