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Overwhelmed and Unhappy?

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Overwhelmed and Unhappy?

Let the archangels help you!
Doreen Virtue
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Oct 04, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Since archangels are so close to Earth and humankind, it’s natural for us to connect with them. In fact, the Bible is filled with accounts of people interacting with Michael and Gabriel. The archangels still interact with us in conjunction with God’s will of peace.

We don’t pray to archangels, nor do we worship them. All glory goes to God. We work with archangels simply because they are God’s intended gift to us all, and part of the divine plan for peace.

So why don’t we simply direct all questions and requests to God? Because the archangels are extensions of God who are easier to hear and feel during times of great stress. Their vibrations are very condensed, and they’re palpable and practically tangible. Just as looking at a sunset or a rainbow reminds us of God’s love, so do the archangels.

You don’t need to be saintly or a perfectly behaved person to elicit the archangels’ help. They look past human mistakes and see the inner goodness within us all. They want to bring peace to Earth by helping us all be peaceful. So their mission includes helping the unpeaceful people of the world.

As holograms of God’s omnipresence, the archangels are unlimited beings. Remember the promise that Jesus made: “I am with you always”? Well, the archangels—like Jesus—are able to be with each person who calls upon them.

The key is that the archangels will never violate your free will by intervening without permission, even if to do so would make us happier. They must wait until you give permission in some way: a prayer, a cry for help, a wish, a visualization, an affirmation, or a thought. The archangels don’t care how you ask for their help, but only that you do.

You also needn’t worry about asking for the archangels’ help incorrectly. You don’t have to be specially trained or use fancy invocations to garner their attention. Any sincere call for aid is enough, as all they require is your permission.

Affirmative and supplicant prayers work. In the former, it’s a positive here-and-now statement or visualization, such as “Thank you, Archangel Michael, for protecting me”; and in the latter, it’s an appeal, like “Please protect, Archangel Michael.” Both yield the same results.

This is also the answer when asking, “Should I call upon God directly? Should I ask God to send the appropriate angels? Or should I call the angels directly?” These questions imply that there’s a separation between God and the angels, and there is not.

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