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Planting Seeds of Love

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Planting Seeds of Love

Chris  Prelitz
Chris Prelitz More by this author
Jul 05, 2010 at 03:00 AM 0 comments

I was watching President Barack Obama’s oval office address with some friends. The response from each person present was so different. Some were cheering over the clean energy future the President called for. Some were fearful that gas prices would rise.

And, some were angry that Mr. Obama hadn't gone far enough in criticizing oil companies.

Each day we have the opportunity to add our vibrational energy—either positive or negative to the cosmic soup that we are all swimming in. It's often easy to get caught up in the blame game—for big events like the Gulf oil spill, or even petty issues at home.

The more we practice coming from love—instead of fear—the stronger our vibrational field becomes in that direction.

And, the more we influence the consciousness of all of humanity.

In these challenging times, plant some seeds of love within the leaders and workers involved in this massive undertaking. Here's a little practice I'd like to share that really helps me keep my inner peace (and sanity):

Spend time every morning and evening in gratitude for what's unfolding. Imagine golden seeds of light falling over the entire region in a glow of goodness. You can even imagine one of these golden seeds of light resting in the heart of specific individuals.

For a real spiritual stretch, bless individuals that you know are having challenging times right now, especially folks you may hold in criticism or blame.

The CEO of BP could certainly use some karmic gifts of light sent his way.

Imagine all of the team involved with cleaning up the Gulf coast being moved by deep wisdom and their highest spiritual guides.

You'll be amazed at how good you'll feel when you bless others—especially others you don't especially like. ;)

We have a choice to focus and give attention to what we want more. Let's plant more seeds of love and watch what happens.

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