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Problem Dissolved!

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Problem Dissolved!

Rewrite your agreement with reality.
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer More by this author
Sep 27, 2010 at 10:00 AM

One of the most intriguing passages in A Course in Miracles suggests that you don’t have a problem: you only think you do. The opening lines of the Torah, as well as Genesis in the Bible, state, “God created Heaven and Earth,” and later, “And all that God created was good.” If you interpret those words literally, it’s quite clear that problems are impossible. If God created everything and all that God created was good, bad does not exist. “But,” you say, “disease, disharmony, despair, and so on all appear to exist and run rampant in our world.”

When we feel separated from our sacred center, it’s easy to believe so strongly in the separation that we explain any unpleasantness as a problem. In the world of Spirit, or God, problems simply don’t exist and aren’t real. When your spiritual connection is weak, you move away from the world of Spirit, and problems come from your belief in separation. Your mind creates the illusion of separateness, and your body, influenced by your ego thoughts, takes on diseases. Our societies are the creation of our collective thoughts. They take on the same separation-sickness, and then we have what we call social problems. All of the so-called problems, however, represent a spiritual deficit that can be remedied with spiritual solutions. Think of it this way: if you change your mind, you will solve your problems.

Can you accept the idea that it’s your belief in your separation from God that creates the attitude that you label a problem? Can you explore this idea that what you’re calling problems are all simply illusions, or mistakes of your intellect? If God is everywhere, there is no place that God is not; therefore you have God with you at all times. You may believe otherwise. It is this belief system that creates your so-called problems. If you can bring truth to the presence of these illusions, they will dissolve—just as you know that three plus three equals six is true, and that three plus three equals ten is untrue. By bringing truth to the presence of this arithmetic error, it simply dissolves.

So too will all of your beliefs that create “problems” in your mind dissolve when you bring the higher energy of truth to them. St. Francis of Assisi, in his famous prayer, beseeches us to change our mind to this thought: “Where there is hatred let me sow love.” Light always dissolves darkness. Love always nullifies hate. Spirit always cancels problems. Problems exist as beliefs of your ego mind, which is unable to conceptualize an awareness of your spiritual mind, just as dark has no concept of light.

By actually rewriting your agreement with reality, you can change your mind and send away any perceived problem. Change your attitude toward yourself, and resolve to believe in your connectedness to the higher energy of God, even in the direst of circumstances. Turn anything that seems problematic over to your higher self, trusting that the “problem” is not what is seems to be. Rewrite your agreement about who you are and what you’re capable of achieving.

Your new agreement with reality in which you’ve blended your physical self and your personality with your spiritual God-connected self will begin to radiate a higher energy of love and light. Wherever you go, others will experience the glow of your God consciousness, and disharmony and disorder and all manner of problems simply will not flourish in your presence. Become “an instrument of Thy peace,” as St. Francis desires in the first line of his famous prayer. Move up the ladder of human awareness from the lowest to the highest. Become a mystical being by simply changing your mind from one that created and experienced problems, to one that resolves them.

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