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Psychic Power At Your Finger Tips

What Does The Akashic Tarot Hold For You?
Sharon Anne Klingler
Sharon Anne Klingler More by this author
Dec 11, 2017 at 02:45 PM

Everyone seeks the answers to life’s important questions now and then.  And, believe it or not, getting answers psychically is quicker and much simpler than you may think.  It’s actually as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Ask a simple, straight-forward question

2. Look inward and notice the symbol and sensations you perceive, trusting everything you get

3. Interpret the symbols and take the action indicated – with confidence.

            Here’s one of the fastest, easiest psychic symbol processes you’ll ever find.  Think of a yes/no question that’s been on your mind lately, and state it in a simple, positive way.  Don’t use any either/or questions or qualifiers – such as If I get a raise, should I keep this job?  Make it a simple, single question. 

Hold the question in your mind and close your eyes. 

Now imagine a traffic light.  Whether you see it or sense it, let yourself get it completely.  Notice immediately if the light is red, yellow, green, or even if it changes.  The answer is there for you, so trust what you get.  If the light is green, it’s a go, and if it’s red, it’s a no.  Even if you get a yellow light or if your green and red lights pop back and forth, that’s an answer.  The yellow and back-and-forth red/green mean that all the data isn’t in yet.  Ask again later.

            This simple process can be used for any yes/no question.  But even with the more complex issues, all psychic answers – and the symbols that often represent them – are readily available to you anytime.  That’s because the body of all wisdom and knowledge that informs each person’s life and, indeed, all of history is available to everyone every day. 

This body of information is called the Akashic Records.  And though much has been made about how hidden and mystical the Akashic Records are, they really aren’t anything of the kind.  The Akashic Records constitute the knowledge that runs through all things.  And the Records are accessible through the collective unconscious, the mind that lives within all things, from all of humanity right down to the smallest electron.

My new card deck The Akashic Tarot is an astoundingly accurate tool for predicting the future, unveiling hidden insights, and unleashing new powers.

            The ubiquity of this vast source of knowledge and insight is what makes it so easy for you to psychically capture every answer you seek.  All you have to do is practice going to your spirit within and working with the symbols that you perceive.  But why do we have to deal with symbols?  Can’t we just get words for answers?  Well, some people actually do get words.  But most of the world experiences things visually and conceptually.  Indeed, that’s why magazines are almost all pictures.  (Even ‘mad men’ and women advertisers know that there is an emotional message in the picture of a shiny, new car driving down a city street.)

            When I teach psychic development as well as the Akashic Records, some of my students get concerned that they won’t know what the psychic symbols mean.  But it’s not rocket science.  In fact, just like the red light/green light, it’s usually self-explanatory.  Here are a few examples.

            If you’re considering how to approach a certain work project, take a minute now to think about that project and allow the following two symbols come to mind: an image of an architect looking at plans; or the scene of a bricklayer, carefully laying one brick at a time.  Which symbol compels you the most?  That is your answer.  You’re either being directed to create a long-term expansive plan, or it’s now time to act on every small detail, piece by piece. 

Now, think about a certain outcome you desire in your personal life.  Ask your inner self to show you the symbol of one of the four seasons.  You may get an abundant autumn harvest, showing a great success.  Or you may get an image of a quiescent winter scene, showing a time of waiting.  Or a beautiful spring day may come to mind indicating a new beginning.

There are so many symbols that reveal the answers to your questions – a boat leaving the harbor; children playing in the garden; a fated meeting yet to come; an empty nest; a path to be chosen; and so on.  All of these extraordinarily insightful symbols and many more are available in a brand new method that helps you tap the Akashic Records any time and any place.  It’s the Akashic Tarot, where the answers to your questions lie literally at your fingertips.  From your most mundane queries to the most significant and life-changing decisions, the symbols and images in the Akashic Tarot will answer your questions as surely and as simply as the red light/green light process.  And even more than that, working with the Akashic Tarot will help you fine-tune your psychic senses to an almost radar-like sharpness, all the while building your rapport with the Records themselves.

Edgar Cayce, the great Sleeping Prophet, said he received the information for thousands of his readings from the Records.  But you don’t have to go into a deep trance-like Cayce did in order to tap the Akashic Records. You can just use the Akashic Tarot because the answers, as they say, are in the cards!


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