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Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
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Mar 14, 2012 at 03:15 AM 0 comments

I have been deeply and profoundly touched by the contents of a new book coming out from Hay House this month. For more than four years, an advancing cancer brought Anita Moorjani to death’s doorstep and beyond—inside the house of death itself. Anita has described it all in great detail in this soul-searching book, Dying to Be Me. I encourage you to read it very carefully and thoughtfully with a mind that’s open to having many of your cherished beliefs challenged, especially about what lies beyond this world, in what’s often called the hereafter.

Surrounded by loved ones and a medical team anticipating her last breath at any moment, Anita lay in a deep coma. Yet she was given the opportunity to return to her cancer-ravaged body, defying all odds, and experience incredible healing—through the vehicle of unconditional love. More than this, she was allowed to return from the chamber of death and report to all of us what life on the other side of this corporeal world looks like—and of even more significance, feels like.

This is a love story—a big, unconditional love story that will give you a renewed sense of who you truly are, why you’re here, and how you can transcend any fear and self-rejection that defines your life. Anita speaks with uncommon candor about her cancer, explaining why she believes she had to go down this treacherous road in her life, why she feels she was healed, and why she returned. Her life’s mission is in a very big way reflected in the fact that you’re about to read her report of this experience. Her story has had a profound effect not only on me, but also on my children and my 95-year-old mother, who found in it a healing message of love, hope, and peace regarding what lies ahead for us all.

Anita spoke of the sense that we’re all pure love. We’re not only connected to everyone else and to God, but at a deeper level, we all are God. We’ve allowed our fears and ego to edge God out of our lives, which has much to do with all of the disease not only in our bodies, but in our world as well. She spoke of learning to treasure our magnificence and live as beings of light and love, and of the healing properties inherent in such a mind-set.

While I was writing my new book Wishes Fulfilled, Anita Moorjani came into my life as if to place an exclamation point on all that I was receiving and recording. She lived it and said it so beautifully—and now you’re blessed to be able to read and apply all that Anita came to know in her furious bout with advanced cancer, and her tranquil journey back through the direct experience of Divine healing.

May you take Anita’s words and become an instrument of removing any and all disease from your body, your relationships, your country, and our world. As Elizabeth Barrett Browning once observed poetically: “Earth’s crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God.” Indeed, healing and heaven on Earth are yours for the loving.
Enjoy Anita’s wonderful, wonderful book. I love it, and I love her.

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