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Rebel With a Cause

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Rebel With a Cause

Are you true to your true self?
Lisa  Selow
Lisa Selow More by this author
Nov 26, 2012 at 09:00 AM

“I like a little rebellion now and then.” — Thomas Jefferson

Ladies, let’s start a loving, fun revolution to rock the world, unleashing our amazing, awesome, sassy, spirited, brilliant, beautiful, and big-hearted true selves!

In this revolution, you are in charge of your own destiny. You get to do what your heart desires, carving out your own path. You can get help along the way, and you’ll probably even inspire others. An important part of this revolution, I believe, involves healing yourself (or shifting the s**t that might still be holding you back). Your healing process will not be the same as anyone else’s. Part of you might feel drawn to live your purpose more fully, or you simply might have a desire to rock the boat in your personal or professional life (or both). Wherever you are in your journey and however you feel about change is perfect. Come as you are.

Before we go any further, I want to emphasize that taking some time to heal yourself is not selfish. I believe that our healing work as women creates a wave of love that can positively affect the planet and other people. In her book Mother-Daughter Wisdom, Christiane Northrup, M.D., writes, “Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who will come after her.” I’m excited by the prospect of our personal revolutions creating positive change in the world.

Personal revolution is positive rebellion. It’s not the stereotypical rebel path of self-destruction: being a loner and staying stuck in your angst. (Black eyeliner, fishnet stockings, and motorcycle jackets are optional. Please wear what feels best for you!) I developed the idea of positive rebellion in my work as a professional psychic while working with women who tend to have some common traits:

  • Like to be in charge of their own destiny, making their own rules for their life
  • Enjoy carving out their own spiritual path
  • Are working on healing their lives in some way
  • Feel called to help others, whether in personal relationships, at home, or in their career or volunteer work
  • Tend to be open-minded about life and learning
  • Feel the need to rock the boat in their personal and professional lives sometimes
  • Embrace diversity
  • Have sometimes experienced significant life challenges
  • Understand the importance of lovingly speaking their truth
  • Enjoy having outlets for creativity and self-expression
  • Are considered to be “too caring” or “too sensitive” sometimes
  • Have been called “bitchy” or “too assertive”
  • Don’t resonate with all aspects of traditional womanhood
  • Identify with some of the various countercultures in history
  • May be intuitive

Discover your own preferred, delightful methods of positive rebellion, as well as claim the term rebel chick mystic for yourself. If you identify with being a rebel, I know that you don’t take too kindly to people trying to define you!

What Is Positive Rebellion?

With positive rebellion, you’re choosing to do both small and big things that are loving, supportive, or helpful for yourself or others (or both). Instead of rebelling against the idea of authority, you honor your own inner authority, along with others’ wisdom that resonates with you. You may start to know your own personal truth that lives in your heart. And when you practice positive rebellion on a continual basis, you’ll notice that you are no longer willing to stay stuck or buy into negative or limiting beliefs, ideas, or situations. As you make changes, fear and conformity let go of their hold on you more and more.

I asked some clients and good friends of mine to describe this rebel chick mystic quality. Following are some of the ways they completed the sentence: Positive rebellion is . . . :

  • . . . doing what feels right for you, instead of what you think you’re expected to do.
  • . . . creating a mind-set for happiness and success, when others are more interested in the negativity and doom portrayed in the media.
  • . . . leading with the heart, not your head so much.
  • . . . having a glass of water while everyone else is having a beer.
  • . . . asking your husband to do the dishes while you take a bubble bath.
  • . . . not yelling back at someone when they yell at you.
  • . . . giving a stranger a smile, just because you feel like it.
  • . . . not gossiping at work with your co-workers.
  • . . . being okay with your choices, even if others don’t get it at first—or ever.

Please know that all forms of positive rebellion have the potential to bring gifts and blessings to yourself and others—one method isn’t superior to another. You don’t necessarily have to take external action. You can simply mentally reject your own negative or limiting beliefs, as well as those belonging to others. Your mind-set creates your life experiences, so internal rebellion is powerful. Please do what feels right for you.

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Lisa  Selow
Lisa Marie Selow is a life coach and modern mystic, specializing in liberating women’s courage and authenticity. Lisa has a passion for guiding women in turning around the pain of their life stories into positive, healing, triumphant transformations Continue reading