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Reincarnation 101- Why We Come Back

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Reincarnation 101- Why We Come Back

Why Our Souls Return
James  Van Praagh
James Van Praagh More by this author
Mar 06, 2016 at 07:00 AM

People are constantly asking me, “What is my soul’s purpose?” The easy answer is to love unconditionally. The energy that we call “love” is what the world of Spirit is made of; it’s the natural rhythm of the Universe. If every soul was evolved to the point where we all loved unconditionally, we would have “heaven on Earth.” As I explain in my new book, Adventures of the Soul, the ultimate goal of reincarnation is to bring the consciousness of love and understanding into our everyday existence. Just being a human presents many obstacles to this goal, but some of the lives we choose present more challenges than others. Sometimes we rise to the occasion and enrich the “tapestry,” and sometimes we fail and make the world a darker place. All souls come back to the physical incarnation with a strong purpose and a plan. Remember, the overall goal is to bring love into all that you do, but on Earth, there is free will. Not following your soul’s true desire (and instead succumbing to earthly lures that don’t bring the energetic vibration up) is the biggest cosmic speed bump out there.

Soul Lessons

Before our incarnation, we choose the life we think will afford us the best opportunities and/or challenges to help us hone our skills in practicing the energy of love. For most souls, much of the curriculum is defined by the relationships they will experience on Earth. These relationships will present opportunities to learn valuable lessons that the soul wouldn’t receive any other way. Therefore, relationships are the cornerstone of a soul’s growth and learning. Earth is like a smorgasbord, offering a range of lessons the soul is seeking to perfect.

Soul Groups

Some families get along well and have more than likely learned the karmic family lessons of valuing and respecting each other. Dysfunctional families are still learning. These lessons are not always easy to master, because the people in your life who present the greatest challenges are usually your greatest teachers. As we all know, relationships can be the most intense and demanding of all the experiences we will go through in life, but also the most gratifying and rewarding. And since the energy of love is the ultimate vibration the soul seeks, relationships present us with the best opportunity to learn and explore it. But it’s also important for us to learn how to love correctly. Of course, the first step in building healthy, loving relationships is to learn to love yourself. You must accept yourself as a loving representation of Spirit if you’re to accelerate your soul’s earthly sojourn. Everybody makes mistakes—everybody loses their temper; everybody judges—but if we make a conscious effort to be mindful every day of how we treat ourselves and others, life becomes much easier.

Love Relationships

Intimate connections between two souls who are drawn to each other and share their lives as partners or a married couple are brought together because each one has an aspect of his or her soul makeup that the other partner might need to learn from. Partners really assist us in finding within ourselves the truth that is there but maybe we haven’t taken the time to acknowledge or express.


Just as important to our soul lessons as family and intimate partners are the relationships we create with friends. It is said that a person rich in friends has the greatest riches of all. In the Spirit World before our incarnation, soul groups plan out how they can assist each other in the next incarnation and what valuable lessons they can bring and share with each other, and it might last a week or many years. It can take lifetimes to develop close friendships, and the elements of trust, honesty, respect, and appreciation are worked on and worked out until the souls are in complete harmony with each other. Friendships are one of the greatest ways to express love. “Like attracts like” is the Law of Attraction. If we live mindful lives centered on love and nonjudgment, we’ll attract the same type of people into our sphere. If we give that energy out, those who also give out that energy will be drawn to us. If we’re bitter, envious, and spiteful, we will not only draw those same people to us, but we’ll repel the ones who can probably assist us the most in our soul’s growth. Who would you rather have in your life?

Once we are awakened to our life lessons and put them in proper perspective, we hopefully will gain a sense of mindfulness. We’re more in control of our lives, and we make better choices with respect to how we interact with everyone in our sphere. We become aware of approaching life from a place of love and not fear. We begin to truly live in the moment. We are conscious of living from the heart space of compassion and understanding instead of the rational head space of criticism and judgment. From the heart space, we also are able to see other souls as being products of their life experiences and choices, and it’s easier to empathize. By changing ourselves and our perspectives, we change our value systems and lifestyles. We are quickening our vibration and frequency to a higher level, and in turn, those around us begin to change. Love is the fastest vibration, so when the soul begins to work within this frequency, it changes not only us but our entire atmosphere and environment. As we rise in vibration, all of our relationships will change because we are changing. Below is a video of me explaining an experience of a soul in transition and the inspiration behind my book, Adventures of The Soul:

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