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Ride The Wave Of Kindness

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Ride The Wave Of Kindness

Your Good Will Can Heal The World
David R. Hamilton Ph.D.
David R. Hamilton Ph.D. More by this author
Feb 06, 2017 at 08:00 AM

We have an amazing capacity to see the best in each other. So, as often as you can, try to see the best in the person right in front of you. See the best in family members, friends, work colleagues, people you come into contact with throughout the day, people at meetings, clients, children, even people you regard as enemies and people who have hurt you in the past.


When you make an effort to see the best in others, you help bring it out in them. I used to be an athletics coach and I could only bring out the best in the athletes when I made an effort to recognize their uniqueness. When I saw it, I could point it out to them. So it became more obvious and they were able to develop it. And they felt great because I had complimented them. It works the same way with qualities of character.

If someone told you that you were a generous person, for instance, you would probably think to yourself, Hey, I am a generous person, and with that thought foremost in your mind you would probably go through your day being even more generous than normal and touching many lives along the way. Pointing out great qualities in people can change the world.

To start with, you could notice, for example, that someone occasionally showed kindness. Then you could try to let that be how you defined them in the future. You might say, “Oh, there goes that kind person” instead of “There goes so and so.” Sometimes it might be difficult to see something positive in a person’s behavior because circumstances have influenced some people so much that the positive part of them is buried. You can look for it. Help them to find it.

The actor David Hayman, a dear friend of mine, once said to me, while describing someone who brought lots of conflict into the room with him, “He’s an angel of God—cleverly disguised as an ass.” So, which part of a person are you willing to see? The part you focus on is the part you will then see most and will tease out of them.

Genuine kindness carries extraordinary power. This is where you have nothing to gain from being kind and only wish to help. It is different from acting in order to gain something else. Of course, it is not wrong to be aware that you will gain something from a kind act, because there will always be a gain for you. You cannot avoid that. You get back what you give out in one form or another. So if you give out kindness, you will receive kindness in some way. In fact, you receive the moment you give. Don’t you feel great when you help someone?

But the real point is to be kind not in order to get something back but from a genuine heartfelt wish to help. Then your act carries much more weight. As my mom always tells me, “It’s the thought that counts.”

In the Bible it is written:

“I may speak with the words of men and of angels, but if I have not love I am but a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.”    I Corinthians 13

To do something from a space of love carries real power. So examine your motivation!

Anonymous acts of kindness can also have a huge impact. There was a time, a few years ago, when I was extremely short of money. One day I received an envelope in the post containing £20 (approximately $41). There was no name or address, only a small piece of paper with the words: “God bless.” Whoever sent it knew of my situation but had no need for me to know of their kindness. They only wanted to help.

That £20 was like a lottery win to me, and it meant more and stretched further because of the love that came with it. The spirit of the gift was far more important to me than its monetary value. So it is with your genuinely kind thoughts, words, and actions. The spirit of your intentions carries the power.

The power to change the world is in you. It’s in your ability to choose and your courage to follow through on your choices. All you need to do is choose to be kind, and you might just inspire others to do the same. A wave of kindness can be magical!

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David R. Hamilton Ph.D.
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