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Rituals To Harness The Energy Of The Moon During Your Menstrual Cycle

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Rituals To Harness The Energy Of The Moon During Your Menstrual Cycle

The Lunar Cycle and Your Rhythms
Latham  Thomas
Latham Thomas More by this author
Oct 18, 2017 at 05:00 PM

Have you ever been so laser-focused on something, yet it seems to elude you? And then, once you forget about it and focus on what you’re doing, it seems to find its way back into your orbit, seemingly by design. Do you think that is a coincidence?

As I explain in my book, Own Your Glow - A Soulful Guide To Luminous Living & Crowning The Queen Within, you choose, you summon it, you invite it forth, you stir the pot, you make the space for it—so that instead of spending energy actively hustling and pursuing the desired outcome, you dream it, hold space for it, and draw it near.

The vision blooms within you and becomes reality. Like a spider with her web, you create the very vacuum that invites the opportunity to occur.

The Lunar Cycle and Your Rhythms

It’s time we acknowledge and learn from the universe’s other feminine force that influences us—the moon and its phases.

As the nearest natural satellite to Earth, appearing bigger than any star in our sky apart from the sun, the moon is a strong celestial force. Its mystical energy continuously affects our modern lives. The moon governs the waters, and its gravitational pull causes the tides. And since the human body, much like the Earth, is made up of roughly 70 percent water, we too are affected by the moon.

A woman’s menstrual cycle, on average running 28 days, mirrors the moon’s approximate 29-day orbit around the earth. In ancient times, women were thought to have their menstrual cycles all at the same time, in alignment with each other and with the moon’s phases. Women often spent time together in sacred spaces during their cycles.

The idea that menstruation is or ought to be in harmony with wider cosmic rhythms is one of the most tenacious ideas central to the myths and rituals of traditional communities across the globe. The essence of the moon is inextricably aligned with the feminine.

Below Are New and Full Moon Rituals From Own Your Glow 

As new moons represent fresh starts and new beginnings, full moons mark wombifestation and moments of completion. Setting intentions and grounding yourself in rituals during these potent periods
can help you harness your glow power.

1. Create a sacred space

Find a quiet place to sit. Place crystals, flowers, or other special objects around you or at your altar.

2. Light candles

Clear your energy. Light a smudge stick to clear the air. Imagine standing under a cascading waterfall and allow all negative or blocking forces to be washed away.

3. Set your intentions

Write down what you are cultivating for the new moon or celebrating or releasing on the full moon.

4. Make space for mindfulness

Sit in silence or with sound, where you can feel the supercharged new moon or be under the light of the full moon. Perhaps recite a mantra or affirmation, sing a song, or read poetry.

5. Play music and move

Get your body moving while playing some grounding and sensual music. Try primal movement on your hands and knees; close your eyes and do hip swivels. Make shapes that mimic nature. Be free with your body.

6. Give thanks

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal. When we give thanks for each of the lessons, teachers, challenges, and triumphs we have encountered, we create space for more goodness.

Use your intuition to guide you to create a constellation of meaningful rituals for your own life.

Hosting a Moon Gathering

Calling all sisters! Share your intention in the safety of a circle of women. Attend or host your own new or full-moon circle. This is a ritually charged gathering that allows you to be in support of other women and explore the ever-changing currents of womanhood and the cyclical nature of the moon. Whether you are hosting a new or full-moon gathering, consider the following to create a soulful and grounding experience for all:

Set the mood

Consider the theme for your gathering. Is it the full or new moon? What season are you in?

In what setting or space will you be hosting the event?

What colors, symbols, or decor feel appropriate for this particular moon gathering?

Will you serve food?

What will be on the menu?

Will there be a dress code?

Who will you invite?

This is the fun part of planning your moon gathering.

Create an altar

Build an altar based on the theme of the gathering and ask guests to bring a sacred or symbolic object to place at the altar. Choice objects might include flowers, seashells, feathers, rocks, or crystals surrounded by candles.

Create safe spaces for vulnerability. Sharing a meal at the beginning of the circle is a great way to gather people and encourage them to be open. Nurture your guests through grounding arts and crafts that support the theme and allow ample time for them to settle in and get comfortable.


Using sage, palo santo, or any incense or resin of choice, smudge each guest before they enter the circle. You can silently speak a blessing upon each person as you smudge them.

Consider your playlist

Music has an effect on our emotions. And both the new and full moons have a way of bringing our emotions to the surface. Put a playlist together that evokes the elements of nature—earth, air, fire, water, and ether—to take your guests on a journey.

Create a cozy circle

Place pillows or cushions and blankets on the ground in the shape of a circle. Have everyone place their object of significance in the center of the altar.

Open the circle. The sense of safety and belonging that guests feel will depend upon who is facilitating the circle. The facilitator will hold space for the group. The circle can be initiated with a prayer,
poetry, or a talk exploring the theme of the gathering.

Have guests explore the theme through a writing or sharing.

Moonifest and release

Allow everyone the opportunity to either speak aloud or draft their intentions and what they are cultivating and making moonifest. Then have them share something they are ready to release from their lives.

Revel. Relax, dance, imbibe, and celebrate the magic of the moment and revel in the energy that was cultivated in this sacred gathering.

Close the circle. Give each guest a small token to take home from the gathering that embodies the theme.

Close with a reflection, meditation, or prayer summoning the communal support of each other.

Creativity comes from one place—from within us. Anything we wish to bring forth is spawned in our wombs and cultivated until it’s time to yield the fruits to the world. Like in an anatomical pregnancy—where a child grows within the uterus, creating expansion, growth in consciousness, increased awareness, strength, courage, and infinite possibility—our ideas gestate.

They start miniscule, like an egg at the point of fertilization, then begin a process of proliferation. The idea grows when you speak it, share it, get input, write it down, and develop a strategy around it. You then grow your concept into a vision that is executed in the world.

It becomes something tangible—a screenplay, a business plan, a choreographed dance, a book, a new product offering, a solution to a problem. Even when you aren’t directly working on it, it’s still taking shape.

Just as a mother can be sitting still while metabolic and catabolic processes are underway, creating the very tissues that will result in a perfect human baby, you are cultivating your vision even when you
are asleep or meditating. When you are still, you create space for more opening, heightened awareness, and the ever-so-sweet aha moments that become more and more frequent.

The womb is receptive, soft, and a container for cultivation.

And the act of creating something from that place, of accessing our womb space and drawing to us that which we most desire, is called wombifestation. It’s the opposite of the manifesting power that so
many modern spiritual leaders and thought-leaders talk about.

Manifestation has become correlated with “making it happen,” whereas wombifesting is “letting it happen.”

I’d like to note that you don’t have to have been born with a uterus or currently have one to embrace this concept. There is power in the dynamic force of wombifesting, fluid energy in allowance and receptivity, of setting an intention, cultivating awareness, and allowing something to show up. That feminine force is magic, and employing it is a powerful way to walk through life.

It is the magic of owning your glow.

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