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Roadblock or Spectacle

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Roadblock or Spectacle

Which one do you see?
Alan Cohen
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Jun 23, 2012 at 10:00 AM

When I drive to my office, I go around a curve in a country road next to a house where a family of peacocks lives. One morning as I came around the bend, a peahen was leading a queue of her babies across the road.  I stopped to enjoy the striking azure color of the little birds, reflected brilliantly in the morning sunlight.  I marveled at the splendor before me and thanked God for the opportunity to start my day with this magnificent display. On the other side of the peacocks, another car was stopped.  The driver of that car was not so pleased with the parade. She was in a hurry, and the peacock march was simply another source of frustration. The woman sat there, fuming, making scowling expressions as she waited for the peacocks to cross.  As soon as the birds reached the other side of the road, she floored the gas pedal and screeched off.

How interesting, I thought, that the two of us came upon the same scene and interpreted it in entirely opposite ways.  I remembered James Allen’s poignant metaphor, “Two men looked out through prison bars. One saw mud, the other stars.”

Everything we see is a statement of the kind of vision we are using to see it. We can see a world of ugliness or a world of beauty, and we will find plenty of reasons to prove our point of view. We do not believe what we prove; we prove what we believe.        

There is great beauty before you right now, but you must be willing to see it. You must let go of your arguments and complaints about why annoying birds always block the road before you, and consider that the bird might be a magnificent gift if you are willing to receive it. Then the interruptions may become the best part of your day.

How does the world you see reflect the vision you are using to see it?

Let’s affirm: I look for beauty, good, and truth, and that is exactly what I find.

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Alan Cohen
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