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Say ‘Ah’ and Heal the Planet!

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Say ‘Ah’ and Heal the Planet!

Get vocal for World Sound Healing Day.
Jonathan  Goldman
Jonathan Goldman More by this author
Feb 12, 2010 at 09:00 AM

We are living in the most challenging of times. We can look at the wars, the famine, the economy, the environment and it can all be quite distressing. But what if we have the ability to change this scenario, assisting and enhancing the consciousness of the planet itself? What if we could somehow lift the vibratory field of ourselves and of the planet?  That is the possibility I’d like to suggest to you—offering the alternative of a planet that is in peace and harmony—a process I call Global Harmonization.

You may of course be scratching your head at this point, asking How?  How can we change the consciousness on the planet and create Global Harmonization?  The answer is ancient and to some it may be obvious—through prayer. More specifically through vocalized prayer that is created with this intention. Since most of the problems we are currently encountering on the planet are human created, it stands to reason that humans can fix these problems—if we can act together as a unified field with the energies of compassion and cooperation, uniting our collective consciousness to co-create a consensus reality of Peace and Love. Once again, this can be achieved through the intentionalized sound of specific vocalized prayer.

What is this vocalized prayer? It is a simple vowel sound—for our purposes, we use the “AH” sound, a nondenominational sound that many people consider to embody the energy of compassion and appreciation. It is a sound that is found in all different traditions—all different cultures—and if someone in Japan sighs an “AH” as he or she thinks about something they love, this sound can be understood by someone in Norway, the USA or Uganda because it is a universal sound. Interestingly, it is the vowel sound that resonates the heart chakra—the energetic center of compassion and love. It is a sound we make when we’re in love. And it is the sound we use for World Sound Healing Day.

World Sound Healing Day was first conceived nearly a decade ago after a deep meditation. The idea was to gather people throughout the planet together at a specific day and time and have them sound the “AH” while feeling the energy of appreciation and compassion. February 14th—Valentine’s Day—was decided upon as the date when this would occur, so that people could send a sonic Valentine of love and appreciation to Mother Earth—what many call the Gaia consciousness. It is a day when people sound individually and in groups throughout the planet for Global Harmonization.

The first World Sound Healing Day occurred on Feb. 14, 2003. Since then the energy has grown, with more and more people meeting and sounding together throughout the planet. We’ve even created The Temple of Sacred Sound —the world’s first interactive sacred sound temple. It features three unique sound chambers where one can tone along with the voices of thousands of people throughout the planet while simultaneously seeing beautiful geometric visuals that enhance the creation of the sounds. The Temple of Sacred Sound is available 24/7 for people to use—it is free, requires no email address or password to access. It was created for the benefit of all. And it is used frequently for global sound healing events such as World Sound Healing Day.

I’d like to invite you to take part in this year’s Annual World Sound Healing Day. At 12 noon Eastern Time on February 14th, take 5 minutes and sound forth with an “AH” sound, generated with the energy of appreciation and compassion, sent to the Mother Earth as a sonic valentine. If you are near a computer, click here and utilize this award-winning website to assist your interactive process. Any sound you make at any time during that day will assist World Sound Healing Day, but for optimum purposes, making the “AH” sound at 12 noon for Global Harmonization is ideal.

I feel most strongly guided to let you know that we do have the ability to actually change and effect the outcome of our future. Whether this year or a decade from now, we can interface and interact together and we can make a difference. With our Light, our Love and our Sound, we can influence and affect the very fiber of reality we co-create. We can transmute all the forces that are disharmonious into ones of harmony. And together, we can manifest an extraordinary planet that resonates to the energies of Peace and Love.

There is a connection between yourself and all beings. We are united and we are inter-related. And that which affects one, affects all. Remember—we heal the planet, we heal ourselves. We heal ourselves and we heal the planet.

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Jonathan  Goldman
A student of Kabbalah, Jonathan has been working for many years on the relationship between the Hebrew consonants of the Tetragrammaton and vowel sounds. Continue reading