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Shaping your exceptional life.
Louise Hay
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Nov 25, 2011 at 09:00 AM

You are an extraordinary spiritual machine. Right now, there are more than 50 trillion cells in your body, all working together, enabling you to read this sentence. Your cells don’t argue. They don’t question how things work. And they don’t engage in a debate about who’s smarter or more efficient. They align together in beautiful harmony to allow the machine called “your body” to function at its highest possible level at any given moment. What a miracle!

This same kind of harmonious interplay takes place in our outer world, too. Every day our creative currency of thoughts, words, actions, and feelings is working in Divine cooperation with the energy of the Universe to create our lives. By focusing our energy in a positive way, we are far more likely to generate good experiences. It’s really that simple.

Staking claim to this creative power and using your energy wisely can be challenging at first. After all, most of us have been trained to live in fear and to think and act defensively—looking for what doesn’t work, what might go wrong, or what isn’t good about our lives. You need only watch a few minutes of the news, or read the headlines of a newspaper or website, to see where the collective focus lies.

As Louise Hay explained to me, “When you hate yourself, say mean things to yourself, tell yourself how ugly you are, or hide from a mirror, you start to feel really uncomfortable. You don’t feel good at all. You won’t enjoy anything in your day, and very little good will come to you. But when you do something as simple as look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself, even when it’s hard to do or you don’t believe it, your energy shifts. Then, as you go through your day, you feel better and attract better circumstances. That’s when silly things happen like getting a parking space when there usually are none to be found, or encountering green lights at every turn.”

I wondered about where it all begins, so I asked Louise how we’ve gotten so out of touch with this power to shape our lives.

“As children, we are brought up from day one responding to the words stop or no,” she replied. “They’re some of the first words we hear. It has become normal—although it’s not natural—for us to be more focused on what we can’t do, what we’re not allowed to do, and the limiting beliefs that hold us back rather than on our true, magnificent potential. “I was in a store a couple of weeks ago shopping for clothes. I found a few items I wanted to purchase, and as I was ready to pay for them, I overheard three women—one in the dressing room, another standing outside the dressing room, and the woman who was waiting on me—talking to one another. Soon enough, the conversation turned to some negative experience that had occurred, which inspired them to start topping each other. I took my card and said, ‘I’ll be back. I can’t deal with this negativity right now.’ So I left and came back much later. I asked the girl behind the counter, ‘Is that conversation over now?’ She laughed as I finished my purchase. People are drawn to positive experiences. These women had no idea that their negative conversation was driving a customer out of the store—and I’m sure there could have been others who walked out without ever saying a word.”

So the journey continues with an emphasis on the positive. “You know, there are so many wonderful teachers—Dr. Wayne Dyer, Abraham, Dr. Christiane Northrup—who all share the same message,” Louise told me. “I think the real goal in life is to feel good. We want money because we want to feel better. We want good health because we want to feel better. We want a nice relationship because we think we will feel better. And if we could just make feeling better our goal, we would eliminate a lot of extra work. How can I really feel good in this moment? What thoughts can I think right now that will make me feel better? That’s the question we need to constantly be asking ourselves.”

As I turned off the recorder and gathered my things, I thought to myself, Amen, sister.

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