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See Fear as Your Friend

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See Fear as Your Friend

Don’t be afraid of endings.
Stuart  Wilde
Stuart Wilde More by this author
Oct 27, 2009 at 10:00 AM

The greatest cause of anguish is fear. Your first step in conquering fear is to learn not to be frightened of fear itself. Start by seeing fear as your friend, not your tormentor. It’s OK to be scared at times. In fact, fear keeps you safe. It heightens your perception and allows you to take corrective action when needed. All fear stems from fear of death.

It’s the death of things that scares us. Not just physical death, but the termination of familiar things—the end of a relationship, a job, a habit. Sometimes it’s a rhythm that’s about to change, or your location, or a feeling of certainty you’ve clung to.

It’s change we resist. Yet change is the spiritual universe’s way of keeping you alive and fresh. We live in a rapidly developing world. If you’re not changing, life is leaving you behind. Things will get tougher, not easier.

Once you can accept change and endings, and not see them as personal affronts, most of the fear will dissipate. By attempting to hang onto circumstances and conditions whose energy is spent, you strain yourself.

Constantly remind yourself of what you already know. Nothing is guaranteed or certain. It doesn’t have to be. You can be balanced in all circumstances.

Fear of change and fear of the unknown are just malaise of the ego. You don’t have to know what will happen in the future in order to feel safe. In fact, the more you evolve and expand your consciousness, the more unpredictable life becomes. The less certain you are, the higher you have climbed.

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Stuart  Wilde
Stuart Wilde is an author and international lecturer, and one of the real characters of the self-help, human-potential movement. His style is humorous, poignant, and transformational. He is the author of 20 books, including The Art of Redemption, Continue reading