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Sending Healing Love to Japan

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Sending Healing Love to Japan

Louise Hay
Louise Hay More by this author
Mar 23, 2011 at 03:45 AM 0 comments

Regarding the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, we can see this as a frightening time, or we can see these problems as opportunities to create healing. How you choose to use your mind is up to you. You can add to the problem or you can help heal it.

When I hear of any crises in the world, I immediately surround the whole situation with white light. I send love and healing energy to everyone connected with it. I suggest everyone take a moment today to close your eyes, and send love and healing energy to the people of Japan.

I seldom read newspapers or watch TV news. I refuse to clutter my mind with most media turbulence. The media is good at stirring up our emotions and selling fear. If you read a newspaper from cover to cover every day, you’ll live in fear. They want you to buy a newspaper each day to find out what to be afraid of that day. It’s the same with the television news. If you want to sleep poorly, watch the late-night news just before you go to sleep.

Know that we each live under the law of our own consciousness. You are a beautiful, wonderful creation of Life. Your strength comes from your connection to Source. Living in constant gratitude and appreciation brings good into our lives.

For those who wish to send a financial contribution, my understanding is that the best organization that is doing the most good right now is the Red Cross. To donate, click here.

Let’s you and me, every time the thought of unrest in Japan comes to mind, say with conviction:

All is well. Out of this experience only good will come. I send waves of peace, safety and harmony for all of life.

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