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Settling for Just Happiness?

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Settling for Just Happiness?

Go for Juicy Joy!
Lisa  McCourt
Lisa McCourt More by this author
Mar 26, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Juicy Joy is bigger than happiness. It’s yummier, wilder, more mysterious and all-encompassing than happiness alone. It’s a joy that ripples through you—unexpectedly—when you glimpse something extraordinary that had never before seemed extraordinary. Juicy Joy is an entirely new way of experiencing yourself and the world.

I’ve often defined Juicy Joy as “radical authenticity,” but it would be more accurate to say that it’s the result of radical authenticity. Deeply, piercingly knowing yourself through the Steps of Juicy Joy inevitably leads to loving yourself, and Juicy Joy is the feeling that arises from that blissful state of authentic self-love.

Most of us wander through our entire lives with absolutely no clear understanding of who we truly are beneath the assortment of self-defining labels we’ve collected. Juicy Joy is the antidote to that kind of numb existence—an end to the vague searching and foggy apathy we’ve become habituated to as members of our society.

I developed the 7 Steps of Juicy Joy when I became painfully aware that my LIFE was happening. It was happening whether I tiptoed apologetically through it, hoping not to cause any kind of disturbance, or whether I took the reins on that sucker and rode it like a buckin’ bronco. I developed Juicy Joy when every last cell of my being was about to explode in protest of the suffocating limitations I’d accumulated. We collect these limitations when we don’t know how to love ourselves, and the more we collect, the farther we distance ourselves from who we truly are. I’d come to a tipping point.

Necessity is the mother of invention. I created Juicy Joy for you because I had no choice but to create it for me. We don’t always understand why we’re compelled to do what we do, but sometimes the compulsion just outweighs our need to understand. Such was the case for me. Though my quest often felt irrational and indulgent, I knew that if I could just distill the very most profound nuggets of wisdom from the vast sea of personal development I’d been trained in . . . and sift out the absolute most effective, most immediately-transformative practices, and weave them together in a straightforward, step-by-step system . . .that system could become my lifeline. I knew a golden-nugget distillation like that would propel me to an unshakable new level of peace, vitality, and juicy, juicy existence.

Juicy Joy has done that for me and for countless others. I adore my life because I’ve figured out how to choose a life I adore. I’m immensely grateful to the unseen forces that ushered me into this arena, and into the raw, surprising discovery of who I am—who I’ve always been. I feel like I’ve been scrubbed clean, filed down to the center point, at last able to give and receive with a poignancy and fullness I never knew was possible. I’m exquisitely grateful for my life, and for those I serve. It’s a Juicy-Joyful world indeed. 

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Lisa  McCourt
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