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Shamanic Wisdom Revealed – Medicine For The Future

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Shamanic Wisdom Revealed – Medicine For The Future

The Surprising Place That Shamans Will Soon Be Found
Alberto  Villoldo Ph.D.
Alberto Villoldo Ph.D. More by this author
Nov 09, 2015 at 11:15 AM

During an expedition to the Andes 25 years ago, I discovered healers who could cure illness before any symptoms appeared in the body. They did not treat the physical body itself, but the ‘luminous energy field’ enveloping the body.

The shamans maintain that the luminous energy field is a template that holds information about how we heal, how we become ill, the love we will find, how we will live and how we may die. This information is stored in the form of energetic imprints that predispose us to repeating the same conditions. We end up with the same illnesses as our parents, we repeat the same relationship with different partners, we end up in the same job dynamics over and over again. By erasing the imprints in the luminous energy field, the shaman is able to restore the mind, spirit and body to health.

New Caretakers Of The Earth From The West

When my mentor died in the late 1980’s, he instructed me to bring these teachings to the West, for he believed that the new shamans, the new caretakers of the earth would come from the West. Indeed, we who hold the power to destroy the earth, pollute the environment, and tinker with the code of life have the responsibility to become the new stewards of our ecosystems, the protectors of the earth.

My mission is to train Western shamans in the practice of energy medicine. The medicine of the future is energy medicine. While Western medicine is tremendous for treating trauma, it is not very good at preventing disease or creating health. 

I teach this body of knowledge by creating a bridge between the indigenous traditions and modern science. We don’t teach it within the traditional village context. We’re not training people to become village shamans; we’re training them in the wisdom of the shaman, and to be eminently practical in the twenty-first century. 

The luminous energy field organizes not only the physical body, but our external reality as well. It informs and predisposes us to certain kinds of relationships, certain kinds of illnesses, to meeting certain kinds of people, to being in the automobile that had the accident or, alternatively, the one that just missed it. When we’re able to clear the imprints of the luminous energy field—many of them due to karma that we bring with us from former lifetimes—we are able to experience health and freedom.

I teach my students that the techniques for healing or harming someone are identical. The same tools that you use to heal someone can be used to kill someone. The shaman learns that ethics and intentionality are at the core of all healing processes, and these are supported by the techniques. We teach our students to practice “may Thy will be done,” so it is the will of Spirit and not mine that is operating.

The shaman lives in a collaborative universe that will go out of its way to support you if you are in proper relationship with it. For the shaman, for example, there is no difference between being killed by a jaguar or by a microbe, whereas to us one is an accident and the other a disease. You have to be in proper relationship with both jaguars and microbes, otherwise they will both try to eat you. So the first step in shamanic healing is to help your client come into proper relationship with the universe and all of life, so that microbes and jaguars are no longer predatory. 

Intuition and inspirational talks are not enough, shamanic skills such as tracking and journeying need to be developed. This is what the ancient mystery schools taught—from the Celtic to the shamanic. They teach that everything is alive. The river and canyons will never lie to you. In the West we live in a world that’s inanimate. The shaman speaks to gravity and defies the laws of physics. 

The shaman differentiates between information and knowledge. Information equates the formula H2O with water. But knowledge is the ability to make it rain. One time I was with my mentor. The high mountain lagoons were drying out. The villagers asked him to call in the rain. He said: “I’m going to pray rain.” I corrected him: “You’re going to pray for rain.” “No,” he said. “I’m going to pray rain.” He meditated for three days, then the clouds gathered and it started to rain. I said: “You made it rain!” “No,” he said, “it rained.”

The old Indian never knew that water was H2O, but he knew the nature of water well enough to call the rain. This is why the shaman does not diagnose, the shaman heals. To name it is not enough. Western medicine excells in the art of diagnosis. It knows the H2O of nearly everything that can go wrong in the body. But it knows very little about making it rain.

The task of the healer is also to understand that there is no “I” making it rain. It simply rained. It healed. In the same way, if you are calling for peace you have to pray peace, you become peace. Healing simply happens; Spirit heals, so a person heals themselves. 

The first healing that a shaman undergoes is a kind of soul recovery, or soul retrieval, to find the self that never left the Garden, that still walks in beauty on the Earth, that still speaks to God, that still speaks to the rivers and the trees, and that the rivers and trees speak back to. We heal that fundamental rift that we have with nature and our own nature and we walk again in Eden, and the voice of spirit surrounds us. To learn more about shamanism, see my book, One Spirit Medicine.

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Alberto  Villoldo Ph.D.
Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., is a medical anthropologist who comes from a long line of Earthkeepers from the Amazon and the Andes. The author of numerous best-selling books, Dr. Villoldo currently directs The Four Winds Society in Park City, Utah, where Continue reading