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Shape Your Destiny

See miracles in your messes.
Dennis  Fairchild
Dennis Fairchild More by this author
Sep 11, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Since ancient times, the harvest month called September has been considered the beginning of a new year—a time for reflection, resolution, and reaping the rich harvest that nurturing efforts have sown. In the garden, compost is the term we call the rotting vegetation that's a nutrient source for other plants. As gardeners understand, without the decomposition of the old, and the seeding of new, growth cannot occur.

The Kitchen Tarot, when fertilized with the philosophy of numerology and a dash of joy, provides nourishing food-for-thought. From numerology, September brings to the table the energies of number 13 as the main course—September being month #9, when added to the year 2011 becomes 9+2+0+1+1, and equals 13. If old troubles have been tripping you up, the time is ripe to open yourself up for provocative new challenges. Don't let what you couldn't do before interfere with what you can do now. You have the power to shape your destiny, and September is a perfect time to start cookin’ and figure it out.

This month, you possess a tremendous capacity to convert your old wounds, as well as the old wounds of others, into brilliant new strategies and opportunities. Like the classic Death tarot card of transformation, the Kitchen Tarot's card 13—the Compost Pot— encourages you to let go, let things simmer down, and slowly prune for new growth. Take a moment to digest what's happening around you, and have the courage to refuse to be controlled by what you used to be. Marinate in innovation. Save your breath to cool your soup.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, is there a place in your soul's kitchen that's in disarray and in need of getting rid of useless emotional junk? The Compost Pot's Feng Shui tip for September is about removing useless debris from your surroundings, too. Your job isn't to straighten up other's clutter, but to clean up your own.

Card 13 and Pluto (its astro-ruler, now moving forward) encourages you to be rigorous as you uncover any lies you've been telling yourself, and be strong in a good way. Feel the way your destiny has been blessed by the past, and how your life will bless the future. Make miracles from your messes. Domestic happiness is not a matter of chance—it is a matter of choice.

The words of Gunilla Norris support the essence of September and Compost Pot card 13: The plants in the garden are giving their all. Stems and leaves surrender their energy to fruiting. Autumn is a ripeness, an urgency to complete, to go to fruit and seed, to give to the future. Our lives, too, must be allowed to mature, to be able to give to others. We do not bear fruit for ourselves. We bear fruit for life itself.

Like life, a healthy meal is all about what you put into it, and also about what you leave out. The Compost Pot is a cue that you are at a threshold—a crossing into a new phase, unbounded by the past. Transform—compost—your fears into fuel.

September’s Card 13 Affirmation: I am willing to change. I am safe.

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